Author: 0 Qatar withdraws peacekeepers from Djibouti-Eritrea border

As reported by Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany's worldwide broadcaster, an embargo also cut off food, transport and other links between the four countries and Qatar, which typically imports around 80% of its food from its neighbours. During the meeting both sides discussed developments in the regional countries such as Qatar and Syria, IRNA news agency reported. Saudi Arabia gained, boosted by banks, on expectations for a rate hike in the United States.

World Leo Varadkar is our new Taoiseach
Author: 0 Leo Varadkar is our new Taoiseach

Higgins . He'll secure at least 58 votes in the Dáil and with Fianna Fáil abstaining that will guarantee him victory. One of the first world leaders Varadkar planned to call after being appointed was British PM Theresa May. "He represents a modern, diverse and inclusive Ireland and speaks for them like no other, an Ireland in which each person can fulfill their potential and live their dreams", Kenny said prior to the vote.

World Former UN chief: Trump causing a global leadership vacuum
Author: 0 Former UN chief: Trump causing a global leadership vacuum

The reason is simple - a whole host of states, cities and municipalities have chose to take up the Paris Agreement challenge without Trump's blessing. Over the course of just the past few weeks, the United States has gone from the world leader on fighting global warming to its biggest holdout. Scientists have known since the 19th century that burning coal, oil and gas spews carbon dioxide into the air, which then acts like a blanket to trap heat on Earth.

World Tim Farron resigns as leader of Liberal Democrats
Author: 0 Tim Farron resigns as leader of Liberal Democrats

The Lib Dems made a modest gain of three seats in the election, taking their tally to 12. I've tried to answer with grace and patience. Mr Farron, who has been leader since 2015, said he was pleased with the result but there was a lot more work to be done to re-establish the party as an electoral force.

Author: 0 Fire In Grenfell Tower London: Six dead, 74 injured

A tenants' group had complained for years about the risk of a fire . After the Adair Tower fire, KCTMO had been issued with two enforcement motices to install "self-closing devices on all flat entrance doors" and review communal staircases and ventilation in the lift lobbies to ensure staircases are "available for use by residents and attending fire crews".

Author: 0 Huge fire engulfs 27-storey London tower block, people injured

Two women who live nearby watched the fire break out said they saw people leap from the tower to save themselves. 12 people have been confirmed as dead following the devastating blaze near Latimer Road Station. "It's so heartbreaking, I've seen someone flashing their torches at the top level and they obviously can't get out". "As soon as I arrived, someone pointed and said 'someone is jumping, someone is jumping.' About 16th or 17th floor, we saw a body coming down".

Author: 0 Key takeaways from Attorney General Sessions' testimony

Rosenstein said he has. Sessions' responses triggered an explosion by Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., left, and Committee Chairman Sen. "My understanding is that you took an oath", said New Mexico Democrat Martin Heinrich in some of the sharpest questioning of the day.

Author: 0 Rodman's North Korea trip off to uncharacteristic low-key start

U.S and North Korean officials say Rodman had nothing to do with the release of American student Otto Warmbier , who had been serving a 15-year sentence in a North Korean prison for alleged anti-state acts. His case has probably drawn the most interest from news media given his age, but there are three other Americans now detained in North Korea .

Author: 0 British Prime Minister Vows to Carry on Despite Election Losses

A few minutes later, Theresa May delivered her own speech in which she said that Conservatives remain the largest party with majority votes saying, "it will be incumbent on us to ensure that we have that period of stability, and that is what we will do" as "the country needs a period of stability".

World Daesh guided by Saudi Arabia, US: Iranian general
Author: 0 Daesh guided by Saudi Arabia, US: Iranian general

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Monday blamed the United States for instability in the Middle East and also said Washington's fight against Islamic State Sunni militant group was a lie, his official website reported.

World Two dead as hundreds suffer food poisoning at Iraq camp
Author: 0 Two dead as hundreds suffer food poisoning at Iraq camp

People began vomiting and complaining of stomach pains shortly after Iftar , the evening meal that Muslims eat to break their fasts during Ramadan. At least 300 people remain in critical condition, she added. Iraq's second largest city was captured by Daesh in June 2014, during their rapid advance into predominantly Sunni northwestern and central Iraq. Amira Abdulhaleq, from the UN's refugee agency UNHCR, said: "We still don't know (the reason for the food poisoning), there is a police ...

World Trump friend: Mueller 'illegitimate as special counsel'
Author: 0 Trump friend: Mueller 'illegitimate as special counsel'

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, asked Rosenstein at a budget hearing Tuesday what he would do if Trump ordered him to fire Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the USA elections and possible Russian ties to Trump's campaign. Mr Schiff told news channel MSNBC's Morning Joe programme on Tuesday that "I don't think the Congress would sit still and allow the president to pick his own investigator".

Author: 0 US Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies before Senate Intelligence Committee

The attorney general has acknowledged two meetings previous year with Russia's ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak . "I have never met with or had any conversations with any Russians or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign or election", the Trump's top lawyer said .

Author: 0 Senior Cabinet minister offer support to UK prime minister

Damian Green, a lawmaker in the pro-EU wing of the party, was promoted to first secretary of state — effectively deputy prime minister. The MPs continued that the committee was in agreement with the Prime Minister that another General Election or a party leadership election will not be held in the foreseeable future as they are "the last thing the country needs".

Author: 0 Suspected N.Korea drone photographed US missile defense site

The announcement followed reports that South Korean President Moon Jae-in was furious after learning four additional THAAD launchers had been brought into the country and stored at a United States military facility. Japan and South Korea struck the landmark accord in December 2015 to "finally and irreversibly" resolve the long-standing row. Infantino has been visiting South Korea since last week for the FIFA Under-20 World Cup final between England and Venezuela that was held on Sunday.

World Korea prepared for new ICBM test: state media
Author: 0 Korea prepared for new ICBM test: state media

The interception is a move that the Pentagon says is akin to hitting a bullet with another bullet - though at far higher speeds. "This successful intercept test of an ICBM-like target sends a clear message to the unstable dictator in North Korea that the U.S.

Author: 0 SCO Summit: India inducted into organisation, Narendra Modi meets Afghan President

The fight against terrorism is an important part of the SCO cooperation, he said. He also favoured early completion of the China-India-Bangladesh-Myanmar connectivity project in order to boost trade between the four countries. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying, briefing newspersons here on the meeting, said Xi told Modi that both sides "should address major and sensitive issues".

Author: 0 Sessions says he didn't have irpvate meetings with Russians

Comey testified in public and then met with the committee in a closed session to discuss matters touching on classified information. Committee chairman Sen. Trump has been publicly dismissive of the Russian Federation investigation for months. That regulation states, in effect, that Department employees should not participate in investigations of a campaign if they have served as a campaign advisor.

Author: 0 Boulder declares intent to uphold Paris climate goals

The United States refused to sign a Group of Seven pledge Monday in yet another move to reject the landmark Paris climate agreement that has been signed by almost every country on the planet. McKenna said she told Pruitt that Canada won't support that either. "I made it clear that the Paris agreement is not open for renegotiation although we are in the phase of negotiating the rules".

Author: 0 SKorea leader proposes Asian nations co-host 2030 World Cup

Moon's comments were an apparent reference to Korean "comfort women", a Japanese euphemism for women forced to work in the Japanese military's wartime brothels. "I don't know if in South Korea there are even a handful, but they must be eradicated", Nikai was quoted as saying. Cho Myoung-gyon, the first Unification Ministry insider to be tapped to take its helm in its near 70-year history, boasts ample experience in negotiations with North Korea.

World Bank of Canada governor says low interest rates have done their job
Author: 0 Bank of Canada governor says low interest rates have done their job

Poloz's remarks come a day after the bank's second-highest ranking official indicated the governing council is assessing whether the considerable stimulus from the low rates is still required. The U.S. dollar also fell against the Mexican peso to 18.05, hitting its lowest since August 2016. The government reported first quarter growth of around 3.7 percent for gross domestic product, beating the performance in the USA economy, the world's largest.

Author: 0 India, Pakistan become full members of SCO

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday strongly pitched for coordinated efforts among SCO members to combat the menace of terrorism and enhance connectivity without impinging on sovereignty and territorial integrity. India and Pakistan were formally given full membership in the organization on Friday. In his speech that immediately followed Modi's, Sharif said, "We fully endorse the SCO's resolve to fight the twin evils of terrorism and extremism".

Author: 0 Trump creates a Twitter 'covfefe'

The incident left many of his 31 million Twitter followers pretty baffled, even by Trump's pretty high standards for random social media engagement. Now, the White House is saying that the tweet wasn't an accident. "Despite the constant negative press covfefe ". Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham had a pointed political theory: "It's so bad-the collusion b/t the Dems & the press, the establ vs the ppl, that we needed a new word to describe it all".

Author: 0 After UK Election, The Only 'Certainty' In Britain Is Uncertainty

Many believe that Sanders and Corbyn are cut from the same cloth ― including Sanders himself. Corbyn's newly energized Labour Party officially backs Brexit - since voters endorsed it in a referendum previous year - but many important figures in the party advocate a much "softer" approach, and their views now may now carry sway.