World Pence, headed to Japan, turns focus to trade with key ally
Author: 0 Pence, headed to Japan, turns focus to trade with key ally

So far Trump has shown flexibility in considering the broader context of the U.S. As the Pentagon looks for ways to pressure the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) into denuclearization without engaging in open conflict, US Defense Secretary James Mattis presented the proposal to Congress, though no final decision has yet come down.

Author: 0 Selfie time: Modi rides the Delhi metro with Australian PM Turnbull

Mr Turnbull said India had a long tradition of protection, particularly for agriculture. In addition to this, lack of a commercial contract between the two countries has not allowed Australia to supply uranium to India, even after the two nations signed a civil nuclear cooperation three-year ago.

Author: 0 House race in heavily GOP Kansas surprisingly competitive

Estes' election keeps the all-Republican congressional delegation for Kansas intact. Yes, Democrats came closer than they ever should have in the 4th District. If no one wins 50 percent, a runoff will be held in June. "The Democratic base is fully mobilized and unlikely to be defused", said one Republican House member who wanted to speak under anonymity.

Author: 0 Israel not to negotiate with Palestinian hunger strikers: minister

At a time when Palestinians are increasingly jaded by the inability of their leaders, particularly president Mahmoud Abbas, to make significant changes to their lives, Barghouti, who belongs to the same political party as Mr Abbas, stands out as someone who could command genuine support among all sections of Palestinian society.

Author: 0 UK election talk builds ahead of surprise statement from May

However the act brought in, as the name suggests, fixed terms for parliaments of five years - so you could theoretically predict every General Election for the next 50 years. What are we actually going to be voting for? " They are wrong ", she said. He stepped down when the country voted to leave. Dean Turner, an economist at UBS Wealth Management, said: "We believe it is highly likely the Conservatives will increase their majority and firm up the future direction of Government policy, ...

World McMaster: All options on table in regard to North Korea
Author: 0 McMaster: All options on table in regard to North Korea

By keeping discussions focused squarely on North Korea and shared U.S. and Chinese interests in preventing war on the Korean peninsula, USA officials have also avoided getting dragged into making other concessions - like recognizing China's territorial claims to Taiwan - in order to win China's full support on North Korea.

Author: 0 Iran election: Shock as Ahmadinejad registers candidacy

Back in September during a lecture to seminary students in Tehran , Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said he would not find it advisable for Ahmadinejad to seek a comeback to politics "both for his own and the country's good".

World Arkansas fights on multiple legal fronts to begin executions
Author: 0 Arkansas fights on multiple legal fronts to begin executions

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge's office said she planned to file an emergency request with the state Supreme Court to vacate Griffen's order, saying Griffen shouldn't handle the case. The company that asked Griffen to act, McKesson Corp., sought to drop its lawsuit after Baker issued her stays. In her ruling, however, Baker did not accept all of the inmates' claims.

Author: 0 Faithful flock to Vatican as pope celebrates Easter Sunday

Pope Francis delivered the traditional Easter Sunday Mass sermon in Rome on Sunday with a call for an end to the "horror and death" in Syria and prayed for Jesus to help world leaders end the arms trade. From the same balcony from where he first appeared to the world on the night of his election in 2013, Francis spoke of God walking "beside all those forced to leave their homelands as a result of armed conflicts, terrorist attacks, starvation and oppressive regimes".

Author: 0 Hundreds of Palestinians held by Israel launch hunger strike

Israel has denied suggestions that Palestinian prisoners have been left in poor conditions. "Ahmed", a 32-year-old from Hebron now held in administrative detention in Ketziot prison in the Negev desert, told Amnesty International that he was joining the mass hunger strike in the hope that it will pressure the authorities to allow his 70-year-old mother, who has been repeatedly denied a permit, to visit him.

Author: 0 LeBron out for Cavs' regular-season finale vs. Raptors

That's right, the #2 seeded Cavs . Even with that said, though, the Cavs would be unwise to think they can just flip a switch and start competing now that the playoffs are here. However, it was anything but easy as the Cavs , who had a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter, had to withstand a strong comeback by the Pacers.

World Trump Removes Steve Bannon From National Security Council
Author: 0 Trump Removes Steve Bannon From National Security Council

Trump's national security adviser, Army General H.R. McMaster, was given the responsibility for setting the agenda for the council's meetings. Trump appointed Bannon back in January, prompting fears from Democrats and some Republicans that the former Breitbart chief would have a political influence on the security body.

Author: 0 French police thwart attack days before election

She said in a written statement that this is the result of "Islamic fundamentalism" that "has expanded exponentially" in the last decade in France. The 90-minute hardline speech was aimed at satisfying her grassroots supporters, the BBC reported , citing the left-wing French newspaper Liberation.

Author: 0 France 'Isn't Responsible' For Mass Arrest Of Jews During WWII

Melenchon had gained six percentage points since mid-March to 18 per cent, newspaper Le Figaro said , while Fillon was stable at 17 percent. Speaking in Marseille, Melenchon said voters had a choice other than the extreme-right "condemning our great multi-coloured people to hate itself" and fans of the free-market that "transforms suffering, misery and abandonment into gold and money".

World Antetokounmpo scores 28 points, Bucks beat Raptors 97-83
Author: 0 Antetokounmpo scores 28 points, Bucks beat Raptors 97-83

Monroe's layup opened the fourth quarter to give Milwaukee a seven-point lead. Toronto was unable to capitalize on his absence and the Bucks outscored the Raptors 11-5 to end the quarter up 75-70. "He had some good looks", Casey said. "We've been there before. It's not a good feeling, but there are things that are correctable as far as our offence is concerend".

Author: 0 Pence calls US commitment to South Korea 'iron-clad'

North Korea regularly threatens to destroy Japan, South Korea and the United States and it showed no let-up in its belligerence after a failed missile test on Sunday, a day after putting on a huge display of missiles in Pyongyang. Why, 64 years after the Korean War, a quarter-century after the Cold War, are we still obliged to go to war to defend South Korea from a North with one-half the South's population and 3 percent of its gross domestic product? -South Korean installation, which is just ...

Author: 0 IS launches chlorine gas attacks in western Mosul

Iraq's Federal Police killed a high-ranking ISIS commander and gained control of a network of tunnels used by the Takfiri terrorists in Western part of Mosul in Nineveh province. He said that around 30 people had been killed in the attack. He declined to discuss any involvement of the coalition in the explosion but said Islamic State was "very creative in exploiting the human element" by using hospitals, schools, churches, homes and mosques as hideouts or weapons caches.

Author: 0 No staff shakeup ahead - White House

Earlier Friday, President Donald Trump was said to be fuming over recurring conflicts in the West Wing - including one alleged feud between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner. Publicly, White House staff deny that the rumors of a major overhaul amount to anything more than that - rumors. The Daily Beast reported on Thursday that Bannon had called Kushner a "cuck" behind his back and accused him of being a Democrat .

Author: 0 North Korea accuses United States of creating situation for nuclear war

Kim In Ryong told a news conference that "if the USA dares opt for a military action", North Korea "is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the U.S". "We know the situation is tense", Wang said. What isn't clear is to what extent the new missiles are functional. China also made a plea for a return to negotiations, with Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang saying Beijing wants to resume the talks that ended in stalemate in 2009.

Author: 0 Trump targets visa program for highly skilled workers

President Trump is traveling to Wisconsin on Tuesday to visit the headquarters of Snap On Inc . He will also use what the White House called the " Buy American and Hire American " order to seek changes in government procurement that would boost purchases of American products in federal contracts, with one aim being to help USA steelmakers.

Author: 0 Macron's lead narrows in French presidential election, polls show

Pollsters say Melenchon is gaining votes from Hamon, who is struggling to stay above a 10 percent rating in the polls , but he is also getting votes from further afield. Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon scoffed at her defence, saying it was "amusing to see you playing the victim while spending your time attacking immigrants".

Author: 0 Canada introduces legislation to legalise marijuana

One of the pre-requisites of recreational pot legalization is to have in place an established way to test marijuana intoxication in drivers. Trudeau's government ensured that selling cannabis to a minor would be a criminal offense and that there would be a "zero-tolerance approach" to drug impaired driving.

World More Bodies Recovered From Garbage Mound, 30 Others Are Missing
Author: 0 More Bodies Recovered From Garbage Mound, 30 Others Are Missing

Soldiers are still searching the site to ensure nobody was buried under the enormous heap which fell on Friday night. The 91-meter-high massive garbage dump collapsed on Friday evening, burying over 100 homes and displacing over 600 people as the country celebrated its traditional New Year.

Author: 0 Pence warns North Korea 'era of strategic patience is over'

Mr Pence and South Korean Acting President Hwang Kyo Ahn, speaking a day after a failed missile test by the North and two days after a huge display of missiles in Pyongyang, also said they would strengthen anti-North Korea defences by moving ahead with the early deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (Thaad) missile system.