Author: 0 AHCA Could Jack Up Premiums for 6.3 Million With Pre-Existing Conditions

Fein notes that a single payer system could significantly reduce costs by negotiating with pharmaceutical companies and health care providers, and drastically cutting hospital-billing costs. While revisions allowed the second incarnation to pass the House, the vote was tight and many accused the new bill of inadequately protecting people with pre-existing conditions.

World Civil rights champion poised to be Philadelphia DA
Author: 0 Civil rights champion poised to be Philadelphia DA

If elected, Krasner said his first steps in office would be for the city's prosecutors to stop seeking the death penalty, to recruit more talented individuals into the department and to end mass incarceration for "people who don't deserve to be in custody".

World Mexico's president calls for more protection of journalists
Author: 0 Mexico's president calls for more protection of journalists

His murder is the latest in a wave of journalist killings in Mexico, one of the most risky countries for reporters. "When journalists cover subjects linked to organized crime or political corruption (especially at the local level), they immediately become targets and are often executed in cold blood", RSF said in a recent report .

World House oversight panel calls for May 24 hearing with Comey
Author: 0 House oversight panel calls for May 24 hearing with Comey

The Judiciary committee has requested memos and other documents. The ranking Democrat on the House oversight committee is questioning why his GOP counterpart isn't pressing the Trump administration with the same zeal he showed during congressional investigations of Hillary Clinton.

Author: 0 Kulbhushan Jadhav case: How ICJ demolished Pakistan's arguments

Jadhav was awarded the death sentence by a Pakistan military court in April, a year after he was arrested on espionage charges. "A public sitting will take place at 12 noon at the Peace Palace in The Hague, during which Ju-dge Ronny Abraham, President of the Court, will read the court's dec-ision", the worldwide court said in a release.

World Tom Price defends Medicaid cuts in new health care bill
Author: 0 Tom Price defends Medicaid cuts in new health care bill

One proposal from a Republican congressman may have swayed some undecided members in favor of the bill - the amendment would add $8 billion over five years to cover insurance for people with pre-existing conditions . This passed the House because the hard right Freedom Caucus got significant concessions, which, in turn, really anxious moderates. And Republicans in the Senate have their own internal disagreements, too.

Author: 0 Four FBI candidates being interviewed by Trump

MI congressman Justin Amash, a Republican, reportedly said id the memo's content turns out to be true that it would warrant Trump's impeachment. These candidates have been sent over from the Department of Justice, the official said. Asked as he left the White House whether he would say "yes" if Trump offered him the job, Keating said, "I'm a public servant". Trump fired Comey last week, with aides citing the director's missteps in an investigation into Clinton's handling of ...

World Chelsea Manning 'looking forward to so much' after release
Author: 0 Chelsea Manning 'looking forward to so much' after release

Manning - known then as Bradley Manning - was sentenced to 35 years in prison on 20 counts, including violations of the Espionage Act. But how did a humble USA army analyst become the world's most famous whistleblower? However, critics said the leaks contained some of the nation's most sensitive secrets and endangered information sources, which has prompted the State Department to act in pursuit of their safety.

World Japanese Princess renouncing royal title to marry commoner
Author: 0 Japanese Princess renouncing royal title to marry commoner

Indeed, 83-year-old Emperor Akihito has already raised concerns about his health condition which has started affecting his royal duties. It's like the plot of a Hollywood film: Japan's Princess Mako is sacrificing her royal status and title to marry for love.

World United Kingdom ruling Conservatives to unveil policy pledges on Thursday
Author: 0 United Kingdom ruling Conservatives to unveil policy pledges on Thursday

Mr Hammond said: There is a £58bn black hole in Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto. While many of Labour's policies are popular - among them, renationalizing some rail, energy and utility companies - the party faces hard questions about how it plans to fulfill its pledges without large increases in taxes and government borrowing.

Author: 0 Iran reformist drops out of election, supports Rouhani

Of these, 47.9% are going to support Raisi and 44.8% - Rouhani. "We can not take the renewal of his mandate for granted". The election is being largely viewed as a referendum on the 2015 nuclear deal struck with world powers led by Rouhani's administration.

World Trump suggests 'good chance' for Mideast peace
Author: 0 Trump suggests 'good chance' for Mideast peace

Trump said, flaunting his deal-making prowess during a first meeting with the veteran Palestinian leader that marked the start of a quixotic presidential effort. Trump did, however, call on Abbas to address incitement. In addition, leading Republican Senators wrote a letter to President Trump on Tuesday asking he support the Taylor Force Act, a bill which would cut U.S.

Author: 0 US extends Iran nuke sanctions relief, adds other sanctions

Rather than permanently repealing USA sanctions, which would have required congressional action, the Obama administration put a temporary hold on them, which must be periodically extended as long as Iran remains in compliance with the deal.

World France's Macron appoints conservative Edouard Philippe as PM
Author: 0 France's Macron appoints conservative Edouard Philippe as PM

France s new president has said he wants a mix of experience and new blood - a balance he has attempted to achieve in his slate of candidates for the June 11-18 election. His age reinforces the generational shift in France's corridors of power and the image of youthful vigour that Mr Macron is cultivating. Macron, who had promised to draw in talent from both sides of the political spectrum, also kept on two members of the outgoing Socialist government - Le Drian and Annick Girardin, ...

Author: 0 Would Trump request to end Flynn probe have broken law?

The Flynn investigation was part of a broader probe into Russian interference in last year's presidential election. A day before Comey's meeting with Trump, Flynn had been ousted for what the White House said were misleading accounts of his conversations with Russia's US ambassador.

Author: 0 Appalachia's approach to drugs at odds with AG policy

Sessions noted that "there will be circumstances in which good judgment would lead a prosecutor to conclude that a strict application" of the policy is not warranted, but that any exceptions must first be approved by a US attorney, assistant attorney general, or a designated supervisor.

Author: 0 French ex-prime minister Valls plans to back Macron in June elections

Mr Valls, a centre-leaning politician in favour of relaxing labour protections, had already thrown his support behind Mr Macron before the presidential election after losing to Benoit Hamon in the Socialist primary. Mr Macron's personal life is certainly of interest to many, as a 16-year-old he fell in love with his 40-year-old teacher, who was married with three children.

Author: 0 USA officials warn Trump against moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

A senior Palestinian official says he "hopes" Israel will halt settlement construction if US -led peace talks resume, but stopped short of making it a condition. Trump is widely expected to use the trip to give fresh impetus to Middle East peace talks. The response triggered the "first public dispute" between Tel Aviv and the Trump administration, according to Israeli newspaper, Haaretz .

Author: 0 Oil prices bounce higher as ministers promise crude cuts until 2018

The American Petroleum Institute was scheduled to release data for last week at 4:30 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, with the U.S. Energy Information Administration report due at 10:30 a.m. As of 0653 GMT, brent crude futures were at US$52.08 (RM224.66) per barrel, up 26 cents, or 0.5 per cent, from their last close. US production is now forecast to average about 9.31 million bpd this year - a level reached already, according to government figures.

World South Korea to Send Envoys to China to Discuss THAAD, North Korea
Author: 0 South Korea to Send Envoys to China to Discuss THAAD, North Korea

North Korean state media reported the election of the South's new left-leaning President Moon Jae In after a two-day delay, but at unusual length. Mr Moon told Mr Abe that most Koreans could not accept the agreement, according to the Blue House, while Japan's top government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said Mr Abe told him it was "extremely important" to implement it.

World Arctic Is Changing as U.S. Mulls Climate Policy, Tillerson Says
Author: 0 Arctic Is Changing as U.S. Mulls Climate Policy, Tillerson Says

Trump, for his part, has voiced skepticism about climate change, which he's referred to in the past as a "Chinese hoax". Trump pledged to pull out of the agreement but has delayed a decision. But at the meeting on Thursday, the forum presented a united front with Tillerson pledging continued US commitment to the intergovernmental forum. The Canadian foreign minister thanked the USA delegation for signing the document today.

Author: 0 Former AG Yates tells Senate she warned of Flynn vulnerability

Instead, Trump chose to play up former director of national intelligence James Clapper's acknowledgement during the same hearing that he was not aware of any evidence of collusion between the president and Russian Federation, which American intelligence has concluded tried to sway the USA election in Trump's favor.

Author: 0 Trump threatens to cancel briefings; Spicer back at podium

The official White House explanation for Comey's firing Tuesday hinged on a recommendation by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who in a three-page memo laid out a set of criticisms over Comey's handling of the agency's investigation into 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.