Author: 0 Mexico and police chief slam Texas' new 'sanctuary city' ban

Monday morning the police chief there announced his department will no longer prohibit San Antonio officers from asking about a person's immigration status. The term "sanctuary cities" has no legal definition, but Republicans want local police to help federal immigration agents crack down on criminal suspects in the US illegally.

Author: 0 Midwest, South brace for flooding and tornadoes

In Mississippi, officials were surveying the affected areas for storm damage, and as of Monday, the National Weather Service in Jackson, Mississippi, had confirmed that four EF-1 tornadoes had been confirmed with Sunday's storms. The National Weather Service said flood warnings would likely be extended in parts of Oklahoma, northern Arkansas, Missouri , Illinois and in, where major to record flooding would continue.

Author: 0 Kapil Mishra a pawn of the BJP: AAP on allegations

He said that Jain later told him that the money was paid in connection with a land deal worth 500 million rupees ($760,000). Reiterating his claims about how he had seen Satyendra Jain hand Rs 2 crore to Kejriwal , Mishra said that things were such that it was impossible to stay silent.

World Britain's Business secretary says energy market is inefficient
Author: 0 Britain's Business secretary says energy market is inefficient

The Prime Minister has confirmed plans unveiled last month to protect gas and electricity customers on standard variable tariffs from "sudden and unjustified" increases. "Instead of bringing in a price cap, the Government should spend some money raising awareness of switching and leave the mechanics of an increasingly vibrant and competitive market well alone".

Author: 0 Raptors hoping to get back into series with Cavaliers

The Raptors were without starting point guard Kyle Lowry, who couldn't get past a sprained left ankle, and that surely cut into their offence. Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James, right, passes off the ball under the basket as Toronto Raptors guard Cory Joseph (6) looks on during the first half of Game 3 of an NBA basketball second-round playoff serie.

Author: 0 Obama warned Trump against hiring Flynn before inauguration

Flynn had misled the Vice President and others, because in the media accounts it was clear that they were repeating what Gen. Flynn had told them", added Yates . "We believed that General Flynn was compromised with respect to the Russians", Yates said Monday. Yates further explained that she had told McGhan that Flynn had been interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on January 24.

Author: 0 Pakistan, Afghanistan start joint survey after border clash

Akhter, confirmed that six bodies have been brought to the hospital along with more than 30 injured. Pakistan shares a 2,200-kilometer (1,375 mile) long porous border with Afghanistan, and Friday's incident came as census workers entered the Killi Luqman village to carry out the census, which was last conducted in 1998 and which at the time recorded a national population of 180 million.

World San Diego Police Kill Assailant in Pool Party Attack
Author: 0 San Diego Police Kill Assailant in Pool Party Attack

The police chief also said there is no indication that the shooting was racially motivated and that they believe the victims were chosen at random. "It kills me that she was killed", Drew Phillips told NBC San Diego . Demetrius Griffin says he was attending his friend's birthday celebration on Sunday and noticed the man silently watching the gathering for more than a half-hour.

World As Afghan stalemate grinds on, Trump mulls additional troops
Author: 0 As Afghan stalemate grinds on, Trump mulls additional troops

USA military officials have said they need greater forces to meet the growing training and advising mission in Afghanistan , where local forces are fighting a Taliban insurgency. The Afghan National Security Forces however are beset by a myriad problems that more USA troops can solve. Top military commanders have said there is a need for additional troops in Afghanistan .

World Afghan air force pounds area after death of IS commander
Author: 0 Afghan air force pounds area after death of IS commander

The offensive in Nangahar province aims to strike Islamic State fighters when their numbers are down and their leadership could be in disarray after a US-Afghan commando raid late last month killed a militant leader, Abdul Hasib. "This successful joint operation is another important step in our relentless campaign to defeat ISIS-K in 2017", Nicholson said in a statement on Sunday, referring to an abbreviation of the group's name in Afghanistan.

Author: 0 United Kingdom election: Sturgeon plays down Tory threat in Scotland

More than 36 per cent of voters in the constituency chose the Tories as their first preference, while only 31 per cent backed the SNP, it claims. Although, so far, during this campaign the Tories haven't ruled out tax changes (remember during the 2015 election Messrs Cameron and Osborne promised that income tax, national insurance and VAT wouldn't rise - so far their successors haven't made the same pledge).

World Lawmakers attacked as protesters storm Macedonian parliament
Author: 0 Lawmakers attacked as protesters storm Macedonian parliament

Police said 77 people, including opposition Social Democrat leader Zoran Zaev , the head of a small ethnic Albanian opposition party and 22 police, were injured in the overnight riot. "Further developments in this scenario.threaten to cause more tension and risk tipping the situation towards conflict, including along ethnic lines", Russia's foreign ministry said in a statement .

World White House Claims Trump Travel Ban Not Targeting Muslims
Author: 0 White House Claims Trump Travel Ban Not Targeting Muslims

Some of the judges on the panel seemed persuaded by the argument . The scope of Trump's revamped ban, signed in early March, was reduced from his original January effort, which blocked travelers from seven-majority Muslim countries as well as all refugees.

World Mattis: US Reviewing Syria Safe Zones But Has Many Questions
Author: 0 Mattis: US Reviewing Syria Safe Zones But Has Many Questions

But he added that Russian Federation, as guarantor of the agreement, said there would be "military police and observation centers". Russia , Turkey and Iran agreed to enforce a cease-fire between Syrian government and opposition forces in four locations, but Russia says map details won't be published until early June.

Author: 0 New Hamas chief makes 1st public appearance in native Gaza

Born in the Shati refugee camp in Gaza to parents who fled from the city of Asqalan after the state of Israel was created in 1948, Haniya studied at the al-Azhar Institute in Gaza and graduated with a degree in Arabic literature from the Islamic University in Gaza.

Author: 0 Trump delaying decision on Paris climate deal

Whether the USA will back out of the Paris climate accord or cut its emission reduction pledge is a topic much discussed in recent days ahead of the upcoming G7 Summit in Italy. "I think it's simply a sign that the President wants to continue to meet with his team", Spicer told reporters at the White House. A White House spokesman said a meeting on whether to pull the USA out of the Paris Climate Agreement has been delayed.

Author: 0 Yates: Alarm about Russian blackmail led to warning on Flynn

Court of Appeals heard oral arguments on the travel ban case Monday afternoon. "The onus is on the next generation to lead the party in the Trump era", said Dan Pfeiffer, a longtime Obama White House and campaign adviser. So, the question has to be what did they do if they had real concerns beyond just not having - you know, not liking him for some of the comments that he made.

Author: 0 North Korea claims plot reveals US state-sponsored terrorism

Sen. The Donald Trump administration reportedly told Pyongyang through Beijing that it would "provide security guarantee" for the Kim Jong-un regime and invite the North Korean leader to the USA for direct talks if Pyongyang scraps its missile and nuclear weapons program, according to the Japan Times Tuesday.

World After Trump and Brexit, Macron election provides European Union with much-needed boost
Author: 0 After Trump and Brexit, Macron election provides European Union with much-needed boost

And 11.5 per cent of votes cast, however, were either blank or spoiled, a record number, while a total of 25.8 per cent of registered voters abstained, official figures showed. Le Pen sounded the charge for her next battle against the "globalist" Macron just minutes after Sunday's results were announced . A key aide said the party would change its name as part of a revamp.

World Bring it on says Kejriwal to ECI's EVM Hackathon challenge
Author: 0 Bring it on says Kejriwal to ECI's EVM Hackathon challenge

On what basis are they arguing that EVMs can't be tampered. "It said, "Very simply put, any "look-alike" machine is just a different gadget, which is manifestly designed and made to function in a 'tampered" manner and has no relevance, incidence or bearing on the Commission's EVMs".

World U.S. to directly arm YPG, Pentagon confirms
Author: 0 U.S. to directly arm YPG, Pentagon confirms

The US sees the 50,000-strong Syrian Democratic Forces as the most effective force fighting ISIS in Syria and has armed the non-Kurdish Arab elements of that group for some time. White acknowledged Turkey's concerns, but said "the committed to preventing additional security risks and protecting our North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally".

Author: 0 Conservatives Make Strong Gains In UK Local Elections

Labour finance spokesman John McDonnell acknowledged the party had suffered a tough night, but told ITV that the results were not "the wipeout that people expected" and insisted it is still "all to play for" in the national vote. Ms Sturgeon will tell voters in Perth that Tory gains came from Labour rather than her party and warn that "the Tory mask" has slipped in recent days.

Author: 0 Increases in Louth rent prices are the highest in the country

In Connacht, Galway City is the most expensive place to live, with the average price of renting a bedroom sitting at €441.00, an increase of 8.9 per cent. Fiona Reddan examines the reasons for the "rent crisis" here . Nationally, there were just 3,084 properties to rent at the beginning of this month.