Author: 0 While Comey memo could be key, any Trump prosecution tricky

The statement describes The New York Times account as "not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation between the president on Mr. Comey". Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski wrote on Twitter that "the American people deserve to know the truth". Bryan Caforio who is running against Knight, sent out a fundraising email for his campaign saying "chip in now to demand a special prosecutor ".

Local Emergency declared after nuclear waste tunnel collapse
Author: 0 Emergency declared after nuclear waste tunnel collapse

Nowhere in the United States is there more nuclear waste and radioactive contamination than at Hanford , which has been the focus of a massive, complex cleanup effort by the U.S. Crews were still surveying the site and about 3,000 employees in the area were still being told to take shelter, as they had all morning. The Energy Department has said there is no evidence showing workers have been harmed by vapors.

Author: 0 Sheriff: 1 dead after tornado hits Wisconsin trailer park

The south side of Elk City, Oklahoma, was hit hardest by one storm, said Mayor Bill Helton. He says that in some cases, the responders left their own storm-damaged homes to help search the mobile home park. Officials with the National Weather Service said they've received reports of damage along a 30-mile line from Chetek into neighboring Rusk County. The Wisconsin tornado was part of a huge swath of the Plains and Upper Midwest threatened with severe weather.

Local Erdogan visits Trump, amid much friction between US, Turkey
Author: 0 Erdogan visits Trump, amid much friction between US, Turkey

The Turkish Government considers the YPG to be an integral part of the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK), which both the USA and Turkey designate a terrorist organization. However, the USA authorities did not find in the multi-volume cases submitted by Ankara any confirmation of the famous preacher's participation in Turkey's attempted military coup last summer.

Local Kansas City Royals vs. New York Yankees
Author: 0 Kansas City Royals vs. New York Yankees

This team is playing well and you want to be a part of it and not the reason we are losing a game once a week, " Sabathia said. "I don't think I've seen a ball hit harder than that in this park", Royals manager Ned Yost told reporters. The four batters they sent to the plate in the first inning all hit rockets in the air, though three were caught for outs. So, too, did the re-emergence of Sabathia's cut fastball that had been missing.

Local Putnam School Board and Budget Results
Author: 0 Putnam School Board and Budget Results

Just under 94% of registered voters in New Rochelle did not vote to support the budget. Amscan's share of the 6.46 percent tax levy increase is 5.10 percent, bringing the share to be paid by the average homeowner in Chester down to 1.36 percent - at or below levels from four years ago.

Local Trump insists no evidence of collusion with Russian Federation
Author: 0 Trump insists no evidence of collusion with Russian Federation

Yates confirmed reports that she had told the White House, six days into Trump's administration, that Flynn, a former military intelligence chief, had not been honest with Vice President Mike Pence about his discussions with the Russian ambassador to Washington , leaving him vulnerable to leverage from Moscow.

Local White House refuses to say if conversations are being taped
Author: 0 White House refuses to say if conversations are being taped

If Trump would have let Comey go soon after his inauguration, McQuade says, it would have been a different situation. Maybe, Trump said, he will just cancel briefings with the media altogether. "I hope you won't either". "I'm not under investigation". The other two times Trump said he asked Comey whether he was under investigation were in telephone conversations.

Author: 0 UN Security Council condemns North Korea's missiles tests

While the White House called for stronger sanctions and noted the missile's proximity to Russian Federation saying that President Donald Trump "cannot imagine that Russian Federation is pleased". Yet 38 North also says new assessments of what North Korea's missile program can do are now necessary. On Monday, North Korean state media showed photos of Kim Jong Un laughing and hugging his rocket scientists after the launch, which he personally oversaw, the report said.

Local $5000 offered for info on gunman after rare white wolf dies
Author: 0 $5000 offered for info on gunman after rare white wolf dies

The female wolf was one of three known white wolves in the Park and was popular with tourists and photographers. "Staff on scene agreed the animal could not be saved due to the severity of its injuries", a park spokesman said after the grim discovery, explaining why the wolf was subsequently euthanized.

Author: 0 Niskayuna grad charged in Penn State hazing death

Piazza died after taking part in a hazing ritual for the Alpha Upsilon chapter of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity's bid acceptance night on February 2, authorities allege. A legal analyst and the attorney representing the Piazza family say that a lawsuit against the University isn't out of the question. Another fraternity member shoved Davis against a wall and told him they "had it under control" and he should leave, according to the presentment.

Local Dozens of Children Injured as Bus Overturns in MD
Author: 0 Dozens of Children Injured as Bus Overturns in MD

The child was transported to Nemours dePont Hospital in Delaware. A Phoenixville-based charter bus carrying almost 30 students from Philadelphia was involved in an accident in Maryland that injured over two dozen people. Werner Coach president Heath Ochroch confirmed to NBC10 Philadelphia that the bus belongs to his company in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. One woman was flown to the University of Maryland Medical Center's trauma center in Baltimore, but was still being triaged, the ...

Author: 0 Flynn associates subpoenaed in Russian Federation probe

White House press secretary Sean Spicer speaks during the daily press briefing, May 9, 2017, at the White House in Washington . But if Trump's quick and dismissive reaction to her appearance is any guide, the Yates testimony put another dent in the administration's defenses.

Author: 0 Torch-wielding group protests Confederate statue removal

Signer called the event "either profoundly ignorant" or "designed to instill fear". " We reject this intimidation ", tweeted Signer. At issue: The city of Charlottesville's decision to sell the statue of Lee, though a judge has since ordered an injunction preventing any sale for six months.

Author: 0 Man holding human head stabs worker at Oregon grocery store

Police have yet to provide a motive for the two incidents or why for that matter the son walked into the grocery mart clutching his severed mother's head. Twenty minutes later, a 911 caller alerted police about a dead body in a home just ten miles away from the scene of the stabbing. Estacada Fire Department chaplains were on hand Monday to help grocery store employees and customers affected by the terrifying ordeal.

Author: 0 Chibok girls released by Boko Haram arrive in Abuja: Reuters witness

A government official said five Boko Haram commanders were freed to secure the release of the schoolgirls. Many wondered what had happened to the rest of the girls - whether they had been killed in a military operation, or forcibly married to fighters who would refuse to release them.

Local Texas Sen., candidate for FBI, says no special counsel for inquiry
Author: 0 Texas Sen., candidate for FBI, says no special counsel for inquiry

Former aides describe him as a detail-obsessed and thoughtful boss. A former US attorney and Colorado attorney general, Suthers was elected mayor of Colorado Springs in 2015. "But these are not normal circumstances ". He serves as Senate majority whip, making him the second-ranking Republican in the chamber. But they would need to court at least three Republicans to be successful.

Author: 0 Supreme Court won't rescue NC voter ID law

In a blistering decision last July, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals said the state legislature explicitly set out to discover the kind of accommodations that minority voters use most often and then to roll back or eliminate them, targeting African Americans "with nearly surgical precision".

Author: 0 Trump creates panel to investigate voter fraud

With or without this federal panel, the issue of voter fraud is one that can showcase how two people may live in the United States of America, but they seem to inhabit completely different universes when it comes to evaluating the threat of voter fraud.

Local Trump signs order to ease ban on political activity by churches
Author: 0 Trump signs order to ease ban on political activity by churches

The order also attempts to dilute the Johnson amendment , which prevents tax-exempt religious organizations from participating in political speech, like endorsing or opposing a political candidate. Widely considered to be a thank-you gift to his evangelical supporters, the order " Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty " calls for all tax-exempt organizations - but more specifically, churches - to be given the freedom to engage in political activity without suffering tax penalties.

Local Trump pushes Senate Republicans to act on health care bill
Author: 0 Trump pushes Senate Republicans to act on health care bill

A growing number of Senate Republicans are recasting President Trump's Rose Garden celebration after the House vote as a mere starting point because of anxiety over how the House bill would affect Medicaid recipients in their states, insurance costs for people with conditions such as diabetes or cancer, or the breadth of health benefits in states that would be able to jettison federal insurance requirements.

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