Industry Apple acquires sleep-tracking app 'Beddit'
Author: 0 Apple acquires sleep-tracking app 'Beddit'

Apple stores carrying products serve as a great physical version of an app analytics suite, allowing Apple to see what's popular and what demographic attraction products it carries have with first hand data. This fits in well alongside Apple's other health-orientated offerings. The tracker collects and records data not only about sleep, but also the external factors that may affect the sleep.

Author: 0 Apple Surprises With Another iPhone Decline

During the second quarter, China's currency devalued five percent, Cook said, adding that that's "not an insignificant headwind". In his interview on CNBC's Mad Money last evening, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a new $1 billion fund to create advanced manufacturing jobs in the US.

Author: 0 Apple spends $1 billion on manufacturing jobs in the US

As for the upcoming quarter, Apple is expecting revenue between $43.5 billion and $45.5 billion with a gross margin between 37.5 percent and 38.5 percent. Apple faces more pressure than ever to deliver with its highly anticipated next-generation iPhone, as the company reported Tuesday that it sold fewer iPhones than analysts had expected in the company's second quarter.

Author: 0 Microsoft prepares Office desktop apps for Windows Store

That machine is more targeted at stealing MacBook Pro users, which puts the Surface Laptop square against Apple's entry-level machines. It runs on Intel's Core i5 or i7 processors based on the Kaby Lake architecture, and has up to 1TB of SSD storage.

Author: 0 Google warns of phishing email spreading in Docs

Do these satellite images prove North Korea is about to carry out another nuclear test? It asked for your password in order to give " Google Docs" permission to read your emails and contacts list. To its credit, Google has already taken major steps to alert users that these phishing emails could be unsafe. You can revoke access by removing this Google Docs app from your permissions.

Author: 0 Amazon Echo Show Unveiled

Devices like a smartphone or a PC with traditional video calling apps require the device to be powered up and for the other party to be available to receive the call. It is called Echo Show and brings more voice skills to your home including two-way video calling, accessing smart home cameras, photos, weather forecasts, to-do and shopping lists, and more.

Industry LucidSound Announces the LS35X Wireless Gaming Headset
Author: 0 LucidSound Announces the LS35X Wireless Gaming Headset

The first official headset for Xbox's forthcoming Scorpio console has been revealed by Lucid Sound. Further, since Microsoft started licensing Xbox Wireless tech to PC makers in 2016, the LucidSound LS35X will be able to easily connect to PCs with the tech built in as well, without the need for extra wires or adapters.

Author: 0 Amazon adds video calling with Echo Show

The Amazon Echo Show is pretty pricey, but it seems like it's definitely worth it. A study by research firm eMarketer showed that Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices will claim a 70.6 percent share of the US market this year, well ahead of Google Home's 23.8 percent share.

Author: 0 MacBook Air: Its new competitor is called Surface Laptop!

Yesterday, Microsoft announced Windows 10 S as an alternative OS primarily for upcoming budget PCs that are aimed at the education market. Microsoft has announced their new Surface laptop via Twitter . Microsoft is focusing on security and superior performance with the Windows 10 S operating system as applications will be delivered via the Windows Store on the Surface Laptop , ensuring that they are Microsoft-verified.

Author: 0 Upgrade the Surface Laptop to Windows 10 Pro for Free

The 13.5-inch laptop features seventh-gen Intel processors, Core i5 or i7, and promises up to 14.5 hours of battery life. So, student, road warrior, professional or just computer aficionado with an eye for design, is this the laptop for you? The Surface Laptop starts at $999 and will be released June 15.

Author: 0 This is Google Fuchsia OS preview [APK download for Android]

This was another major departure for Google, as its previous operating systems have been capable of running on relatively low spec'ed devices such as Chromebooks. Google's mysterious Fuchsia operating system is starting to look like a replacement for Android, judging by new screenshots outed on Monday. Armadillo is a demo app that shows off Fuchsia's mock-up UI.

Industry Apple Beats Fitbit for the Top Wearables Spot
Author: 0 Apple Beats Fitbit for the Top Wearables Spot

This time around, Apple's smartwatch sales have been holding up much more reliably in the USA and the United Kingdom thanks to " enhanced styling, intensive marketing, and a good retail presence ", according to Mawston. Potential suitors might include Apple , which could diversify its wearables business across multiple price tiers; or Garmin , which recently posted a disappointing slowdown in its high-growth fitness trackers business.

Industry Google celebrates 181st birthday of eye test inventor
Author: 0 Google celebrates 181st birthday of eye test inventor

In his famous eye chart, each row represents a different dioptre, which measures the distance you would have to be from the text to read it. In its tribute through its doodle, Google has used Monoyer's signatures: his name, hidden in the chart.

Industry Amazon adding live London concerts in latest original content push
Author: 0 Amazon adding live London concerts in latest original content push

All of the concerts will be filmed, and made exclusively available on Prime Video internationally. They're not cheap - the Blondie tickets start at a whopping £150. Globally, IHS Markit estimates that Amazon has 75 million to 80 million subscribers to Prime, with nearly 50 million of those in its home market the United States, with perhaps 30 million using its video service.

Industry Hunt Is On for Five Lions
Author: 0 Hunt Is On for Five Lions

He said the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Authority were leading the search operation with SAPS and SANparks. SANParks spokesperson Rey Thakhuli said: "We still urge residents in that particular area to be extra vigilant". The lions escaped from the park along the border area. "We urge people to refrain from taking photographs of these animals as they are unsafe predators ...

Industry Android Nougat development bids goodbye
Author: 0 Android Nougat development bids goodbye

The next major version of Android is almost here, as Google shuts down the Android Nougat beta for good. Google remarks that the Nougat beta program website will be back with updated information for Android O beta program. This will not wipe your device. If our guess is right, the Android O Beta will go live as soon as the Google I/O keynote and the introduction of Android O are done at the conference, so stay tuned for more updates later towards the end of the month.

Author: 0 Speedrunner beats Prey in less than 20 minutes

In the first two hours of the game you might find yourself trudging along, the enemies seem to hard, Medkits are scarce, and the story isn't that present. It's ok, we've got you covered. Trust nothing, no really, trust nothing . Thankfully, Prey nails it with blood-streaked offices and an enemy that can take the form of any object in the room.

Industry OnePlus teaser confirms OnePlus 5 summer launch
Author: 0 OnePlus teaser confirms OnePlus 5 summer launch

Now, some of you might wonder why the OnePlus 5 naming instead of the OnePlus 4. OnePlus's next flagship - OnePlus 5- appears just days away now. It might also come with a 5.5-inch screen display with 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution. It is quite likely that the smartphone will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor .

Industry Quake Champions large scale tech test: May 12-21
Author: 0 Quake Champions large scale tech test: May 12-21

Quake Champions is the first main entry in the franchise since 2005's Quake 4 . The closed beta for Quake Champions started over a month ago, but at the end of the week anyone can play an early version of id Software's latest title. Quake Champions' tech test "will remain live 24/7 for the full duration" of the 10-day period. "But Quake Champions is first and foremost fun, and fun for the reasons Quake has always been".

Industry Latest eShop update FINALLY adds this handy feature
Author: 0 Latest eShop update FINALLY adds this handy feature

It is also partly due to some purchasing a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild despite not yet having their own Nintendo Switch, due to one of the issues that have surrounded the hybrid console. Nintendo has had a great start with its recently released Switch console. A new rumor from last week revealed that the game is indeed in development and that is supposedly releasing in either August or September.

Industry Investors Catching Stocks Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI)
Author: 0 Investors Catching Stocks Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI)

ATVI has been the topic of several recent research reports. The high and low revenue estimates for the current quarter are $1.3 Billion and $1.15 Billion, respectively. (NASDAQ: ATVI ) for 205,278 shares. Overwatch is the game to thank for these increases Activision Blizzard reveals. (NASDAQ: ATVI ). Decatur Management owns 92,427 shares.

Industry Alipay taking aim at U.S. mobile payments market
Author: 0 Alipay taking aim at U.S. mobile payments market

This new collaboration follows on from 2016, when First Data and Alipay piloted the implementation of the Alipay mobile payment solution in "select high-end and specialty retail locations" in California and NY. Alipay is operated by Ant Financial Services Group, a spin-off of e-commerce giant Alibaba . As well as mobile payments, both services offer online payments and money transfers, while users can also hail a taxi, book a hotel and buy movie tickets directly from the within the app.

Industry Global rollout of LG X power2 begins this month
Author: 0 Global rollout of LG X power2 begins this month

LG, which has been in the headlines for all the right reasons lately, has stated that it will start selling the LG X power2 later this month. It will reach North American consumers first with the rest of the world following. The fast charging technology enables to fully charge the smartphone in around 2 hours. The front camera is incorporated with LG's smart UX that includes Auto Shot and Gesture Interval Shot, which simplify taking selfies by triggering the shutter as soon as a face or hand ...