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Likewise, the Destiny 2 open beta is said to take place on July 18 for PS4 pre-order customers and July 19 for Xbox One pre-order customers. Uncharted: Lost Legacy will be out on August 22 and stars characters Chloe Frazer, a treasure hunter and mercenary Nadine Ross.

Author: 0 Minecraft has cross-platform play, unless you're on PlayStation

The first piece of information revealed and arguably one of the most important pieces of information we've seen in modern gaming is the introduction of cross-play servers for all Minecraft players. For those who already own Minecraft on mobile or VR devices, they will get the free update in the summer. Finally, there's a new graphics pack for 4K viewing - better lighting, shadows, and water effects, the company said.

Author: 0 Xbox reveals the Xbox One X or Project Scorpio

While many are debating what those promises truly mean and whether we'll see the majority of games in Native 4K or checkerboard rendering, Microsoft's Xbox chief Phil Spencer believes the Xbox One X is "a true 4K console". Spencer also revealed that the Xbox team expects One S to outsell One X in 2018. Microsoft says its Xbox One X is the smallest Xbox ever made.

Industry Penguins' Stanley Cup victory parade will be held Wednesday
Author: 0 Penguins' Stanley Cup victory parade will be held Wednesday

Colton Sissons reached at it with one hand on his stick and knocked it into the empty net. "Among the greats of our game". He also becomes just the sixth player to win multiple Conn Smythes. The Predators appeared to take the lead in the second period. "It stings right now, you know?" defenseman P.K. Subban said. The Preds said no. The former grinder with 54 goals in 709 career National Hockey League games turned out to be the ideal conduit to get the Penguins to play fast and, to ...

Industry Nintendo favourite Mario Kart to become a virtual reality arcade game
Author: 0 Nintendo favourite Mario Kart to become a virtual reality arcade game

The course is filled with the well-known Mario Kart traps and tricks. We're still holding out hope that Nintendo's latest console, the Switch, will get VR support some day, and we expected to see the first VR games on that platform. Bandai Namco is opening a virtual reality arcade in Tokyo that will feature a surprise appearance from Nintendo's classic kart-racing series, Mario Kart .

Industry Uber CEO to Take Leave, Leadership Team to Run Company
Author: 0 Uber CEO to Take Leave, Leadership Team to Run Company

The report, which name-checks former employee Susan Fowler for her revealing Feburary 19, 2017, blog post detailing "harassment, discrimination, and retaliation" and Uber's subsequently failure to address bad actors within the company, seeks to meaningfully change the culture.

Industry Apple allows in-app tipping for content creators
Author: 0 Apple allows in-app tipping for content creators

This means developers can add tipping features without worrying about getting kicked out of the app store, as long as they are willing to give Apple 30%. Apple has since shut them down. One of the App Store's biggest problems over the past couple of years has been the bifurcation of the App Store. Apple is making it so that app ratings don't reset upon each update , though developers can choose to erase their rating upon an update if, say, a previous update tanked their review score due ...

Industry Microsoft announces Xbox One X as 'world's most powerful console'
Author: 0 Microsoft announces Xbox One X as 'world's most powerful console'

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console that Microsoft has ever built . Xbox One X specsIn addition, the new Xbox game console is backwards compatible , enabling the user to play older games as well. Microsoft just revealed its new Xbox console, and it will be slightly more affordable in Canada than in the U.S. But the retail price is still higher than similar products from its competitors.

Author: 0 Justices side with Microsoft in Xbox 360 class action case

Microsoft looks to take the lead in the 4kKgaming world with what they are calling the smallest and 'most powerful console ever.' The claim doesn't look to be that farfetched as the system is significantly more powerful than Sony's Playstation 4 Pro and can run some games at an incredible 4k/60 frames per second.

Author: 0 Microsoft challenges Sony with powerful new Xbox One X

Microsoft also says the One X has 40% more power than any other console, but it is actually the smallest console the firm has ever built. It turns out that Microsoft will be making original Xbox games available on the Xbox One line of consoles, along with the Xbox 360 games that have been backward compatible for a while now.

Industry Microsoft warns of 'elevated security risk' while releasing new software updates
Author: 0 Microsoft warns of 'elevated security risk' while releasing new software updates

Microsoft has now released new Windows XP security patches to protect computers from state-sanctioned cyberattacks. "We are committed to ensuring our customers are protected against these potential attacks and we recommend those on older platforms, such as Windows XP, prioritize downloading and applying these critical updates, which can be found in the Download Center (or alternatively in the Update Catalog)", explained Eric Doerr, general manager at the Microsoft Security Response Center , ...

Author: 0 'Metroid Prime 4' is Coming to Switch, Nintendo Drops Tiny Teaser

Metroid Prime 4 is due out some time in 2018. The trailer doesn't show much of anything, really. Given this, and the fact that there's no footage, it would be safe to assume that the game is pretty early in development. Check out the trailers from the Nintendo conference and tell us what you think. It also let the skills and powers of Samus finally shine through, elevating the hero to new heights.

Author: 0 Lady Brexit meets Monsieur Europe: May, Macron to have talks

The two big screens at the stadium projected the cross of St. George, and giant flags from both countries were rolled out onto the field. After talks and a working dinner at the Elysee Palace, the pair are set to travel to the Stade de France to watch England take on France in a friendly football global.

Author: 0 Days Gone Gameplay Reveal Showcases Stealth and Survival

Since the game's official reveal we've heard very little. Below, you can check out the gameplay featured at this Sony's E3 presser. And they're the fast kind of zombies that run in herds towards the slightest sign of fresh human meat instead of lumbering slowly, which intensifies the horror.

Industry Sony's new PlayLink for PS4 will let users play games in groups
Author: 0 Sony's new PlayLink for PS4 will let users play games in groups

The video below shows another PlayLink game, Hidden Agenda , from the developers of Until Dawn . If you're looking for party games, you can now use your PS4 as the hub for PlayLink . The said development is also expected to make PlayStation games more accessible as it will use a touch interface - something that nearly everyone is familiar with today.

Industry Starbucks teams with Lady Gaga for 'Cups of Kindness'
Author: 0 Starbucks teams with Lady Gaga for 'Cups of Kindness'

In addition to these two, Lady Gaga has picked out the Pink Drink and the Ombre Pink Drink to be part of the Cups of Kindness Collection. Are you ready to order one of these and snap a photo for Instagram? (The foundation is particularly important for LGBTQ youth and inexplicably tied to Gaga's Born This Way album.) Starting on June 13, Starbucks will give 25 cents of every Cups of Kindness drink it sells to the Born This Way Foundation .

Industry Apple shows the iPad some love with iOS 11
Author: 0 Apple shows the iPad some love with iOS 11

Apple never forgets to update its digital assistant in its new iOS iterations. Apple's WWDC brought a lot of improvements and new features to their iOS that will soon see its eleventh iteration. You can now take screenshots of what's on your Apple device by holding down the home and power button at the same time but this would allow you to actually record video .

Author: 0 Apple Unveils Powerful New iMac Pro

The updated iMac features faster Kaby Lake processors up to 4.2 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.5 GHz and supports up to twice the memory as the previous generation. There are a ton of connections on the iMac Pro which should keep most users happy. You also won't be able to upgrade the iMac Pro's RAM, another key factor also confirmed to 9to5Mac.

Author: 0 It's safe to buy a new Mac or iPad again

While many reviewers have a lot of nice things to say about Apple's newest iPad Pro , there's one thing that comes up in all of these reviews: the fact that 10.5-inch iPad Pro has not yet reached its full potential. These two latest clips set the tone: the iPad Pro would be more powerful than an entry-level MacBook Pro . Apple has ditched the 128GB storage capacity from the iPad Pro line up, with the model starting at 64GB working all the way up to 500GB.

Industry Apple Showcases New iMac Pro Workstation at WWDC
Author: 0 Apple Showcases New iMac Pro Workstation at WWDC

Now don't you all want that? 802.11ac is complemented by 10GB ethernet. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro will hold customers back by $649 for the 64 GB Wi-Fi model and $779 for the 64 GB Wi-Fi and cellular one, and it's available in Silver, Space Gray, Gold, and Rose Gold color options.

Industry Sprint touts exclusive rights to upcoming Essential phone
Author: 0 Sprint touts exclusive rights to upcoming Essential phone

It is being reported that the Essential Phone will launch as a carrier-exclusive for fourth-place usa wireless carrier Sprint . Most flagships are available on all major carriers so that customers have plenty of choices, but that won't be the case with the Essential Phone.

Industry IPad Pro 10.5 Review Roundup
Author: 0 IPad Pro 10.5 Review Roundup

ET Wealth familiarises you with some of the most interesting new features . The tablet market has declined for the last 10 consecutive quarters. IPad Pro is attractive, but for it to be a true workhorse, you need the accessories. It being a major new product release from Apple , I'm naturally intrigued to try it out.

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Marvel and Insomniac Games have teamed up to create a brand-new and authentic Spider-Man story. All the while Spidey quips in his adorably obnoxious way. There will undoubtedly be some new reveals too. The combat system looks very Arkham Asylum , except with webs. This is an experienced Peter Parker who's more masterful at fighting big crime in New York City .

Author: 0 Mario meets Rabbids in tactical Kingdom Battle

This is something we haven't seen on this scale, possibly ever. Lots of people loved Assassin's Creed: Black Flag , so Ubisoft apparently made a decision to give players a piracy-focused game called Skull & Bones. As characters level up, a variety of combo attacks will be available, incorporating classic Mario jump attacks and power-ups, and more iconic Mario heroes will become available over time, including Princess Peach, Luigi and Yoshi.