Author: 0 United Airlines CEO: We won't drag passenger off plane anymore

The video of this bloody incident went viral on Internet and sparked social media uproar, in which many are echoing calls to boycott United Airlines . The request was filed a few hours before the Chicago Department of Aviation said it had placed two more officers on administrative leave until further notice as a result of the incident.

Author: 0 What Taxes Will You Pay in Retirement?

By filing a tax return, even without full payment, taxpayers will avoid the failure-to-file penalty. However, whereas most Americans file their taxes electronically , these older returns need to be filed on paper and postmarked by Tax Day.

Business New York City Moves Toward Requiring Uber Tipping Option
Author: 0 New York City Moves Toward Requiring Uber Tipping Option

Ride-services company Uber Technologies Inc may be required to provide passengers a way to tip their drivers, despite its longstanding resistance, if a plan by New York City's taxi regulator is implemented. Today's decision is a vitally important step forward for drivers. And of course, people who ride in taxis can tip with their credit cards or cash. As a result, New York City's professional drivers have traditionally depended on gratuities for a substantial portion of their income.

Business The Nintendo Switch is the Fastest Selling Console in Nintendo History
Author: 0 The Nintendo Switch is the Fastest Selling Console in Nintendo History

Nintendo recently revealed that their launch game for the Nintendo Switch, " The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild " actually outsold the console it was exclusive to. The console is also sold out in parts of Europe and Japan. We also can't discount the possibility that some consumers have gone out looking for a Switch, found it sold out, and soothed themselves by picking up Breath of the Wild while they wait for the system to come back in stock.

Business Democrats seek to resolve health payments on spending bill
Author: 0 Democrats seek to resolve health payments on spending bill

The part that was supposed to appeal to Republicans - the health care exchanges adapted from Mitt Romney's universal insurance program in MA - is the part that has fewer fans, despite being the most market-based. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer has said the tactic wouldn't push Democrats to work with Trump. Additionally, the new regulations will allow insurance companies to sell plans that cover less and instead hand off more of the expense for visits, medical care, and prescription ...

Author: 0 Elon Musk says Tesla pickup and semi-trucks are coming

Musk tweeted the announcement Thursday. The Tesla CEO used Twitter to fire back at a group of investors who called for the electric vehicle maker's board to add two new directors who have no ties to Musk. There is however a strong hint from Tesla's Master Plan that makes it reasonable to assume these trucks will be packaged with an autonomous driving platform.

Business Tar Heels rebound to hold off Ducks
Author: 0 Tar Heels rebound to hold off Ducks

Now, the Bulldogs will be heading to the National Championship game (for the first time in school history) to play the victor of the second match-up between North Carolina and Oregon . The Gamecocks made a frantic second-half comeback, as they have so many times in the postseason. He returned later to help Gonzaga in the second half.

Business United to compensate people on flight when man dragged off
Author: 0 United to compensate people on flight when man dragged off

Compounding the problem, less than a month after being named U.S. Communicator of the Year for 2017 by PRWeek , United CEO Oscar Munoz wrote a letter in which he clearly insisted that United and the employees on the scene handled the situation correctly.

Business World rejoices as April the giraffe finally gives birth
Author: 0 World rejoices as April the giraffe finally gives birth

However the zoo's owner Jordan Patch admitted that there was some uncertainty about when the calf was conceived. The stream of April hanging out in her pen has grabbed the attention of many on the internet, with several people anxiously awaiting the new baby's arrival.

Business Virginia Congressman and Freedom Caucus member on future of healthcare
Author: 0 Virginia Congressman and Freedom Caucus member on future of healthcare

The plan to repeal and replace Obamacare would allow states to seek waivers to opt out of some of Obamacare's regulations, but keep in place a provision that requires insurers to cover customers with pre-existing conditions. Butterfield said Democrats are willing to work with Republicans on improving the Affordable Care Act, but repealing it, he said, is "un-American'". Besides health care, Meadows has something else on his plate: The Freedom Caucus is getting ready for the complicated issue ...

Author: 0 North Korea rolls out missiles, other weaponry at parade

North Korea says it's created a nuclear weapon small enough to mount on a missile, though many experts dispute that claim. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E). North Korean schoolgirls attend a dance class at the Mangyongdae Children's Palace on Friday, April 14, 2017, in Pyongyang, North Korea .

Author: 0 Sage Group (The) PLC reiterated as Underweight By Barclays Capital

Carclo PLC (LON:CAR) had its stock rating noted as "Buy" by analysts at N+1 Singer. The PT would indicate a potential downside of -12.19% from firm's last stock close price. Alps Advsrs has invested 0% of its portfolio in Ingredion Inc (NYSE:INGR). Kbc Gru Nv has invested 0% of its portfolio in Carclo plc (LON:CAR). Vanguard Gru invested 0.01% in Carclo plc (LON:CAR).

Business United CEO: We won't let police drag people off planes anymore
Author: 0 United CEO: We won't let police drag people off planes anymore

He was left bloodied after the Sunday evening incident at Chicago Airport and the footage provoked worldwide outrage, reported CBS News. The backlash from the incident resonated around the world, with social media users in the United States, China and Vietnam calling to boycott the No.

Author: 0 A slice for the stranded: Delta buys pizza for passengers

The convective activity and storm cells, mixed with tornadic conditions, continued to hit in and around the Atlanta Airport from the early morning hours and lasted through the evening, essentially halting much of the day's operation, prompting delays and cancellations.

Author: 0 United changes crew booking policy after passenger dragged off plane

It also appears that the flight in question was not overbooked, just full. All passengers on United Express flight 3411 will be compensated equal to the cost of their tickets and could take the compensation in cash, travel credits or miles, United said this week.

Business Jimmy Fallon Plays Jared Kushner Opposite Alec Baldwin's Trump
Author: 0 Jimmy Fallon Plays Jared Kushner Opposite Alec Baldwin's Trump

Ultimately, Baldwin's Trump chose Fallon's Kushner. And then Fallon, dressed as Kushner when he visited Iraq: shades, suit jacket, khaki trousers and a military vest. "Yeah, I know they're not really called 'Holocaust centers .' Duh, I know that". Finally, by the day's end, Spicer appeared contrite, publicly apologizing via various news outlets.

Author: 0 Jared Kushner in Iraq for update on fight against ISIS

Such trips are usually kept quiet, with the cooperation of journalists, until the officials arrive in order to ensure maximum security. Still, it's possible the talks could have grown more tense or awkward had it not been for Kushner's back-channeling with Chinese ambassador Cui Tiankai, the New York Times reported Sunday .

Author: 0 US Treasury declines to label China a currency manipulator

US President Donald Trump's bellicose rhetoric and the dispatch of a carrier-based strike group to the Pacific may have the effect of pressuring Beijing to try harder to rein in Pyongyang. China does not fully meet the department's definition of a currency manipulator because it has recently been buying yuan to prevent a sudden drop in the Chinese currency, instead of steering it lower.

Author: 0 Pence: North Korea 'provocation' shows the risk to military

The failed show of force by the DPRK came amid mounting tensions on the Korean Peninsula, which was caused by the USS Carl Vinson and its accompanying warships that have re-routed and headed to the peninsula about a week earlier. The Japanese government says it has protested to North Korea over its latest attempted missile launch, but that the failed firing had no security impact on Japan.

Author: 0 Delta OKs $10000 Payments To Passengers On Overbooked Flights

Harteveldt of the Atmosphere Research Group told The New York Times . Dr Dao refused to give up his seat last weekend on a flight from Chicago to Louisville for the airline's staff who needed to travel. However, previous year Delta Airlines bumped more passengers from flights than any of its competitors, partly because of its generous incentive system.

Author: 0 Russia-US relations at an 'all-time low' following Syria strike

It's very bad for this world. "What we do know, and we have very firm and high confidence in our conclusions, that the attack was planned and carried out by the regime forces at the direction of Bashar al-Assad". SecTillerson: As events shift, U.S. will continue to evaluate its strategic options & opportunities to de-escalate violence across #Syria. Iran, Russia and Syria deny that the authorities in Damascus were behind the attack, in which more than 80 people were killed and hundreds ...

Author: 0 Two-litre Jaguar F-Type is nobody's pussycat

The perspective buyers can also choose between the existing V6 and V8 engines. "Not only is this the most powerful four-cylinder ever offered in a production Jaguar , it also develops the highest specific power and torque ratings of any engine in the F-Type range".

Business Tax Day protesters demand Trump release tax returns
Author: 0 Tax Day protesters demand Trump release tax returns

More than half (57%) of people said corporations should face higher tax rates than consumers, according to a separate survey by personal-finance website WalletHub. "If he thinks he can get away with playing king, he's got another thought coming", Waters said. Organisers of "Tax March" in more than 150 cities across the country and beyond wanted to call attention to Mr Trump's refusal to disclose his tax history, as his White House predecessors have done for more than 40 years .

Author: 0 Tax Day demonstrators to demand Trump release his taxes

President Donald Trump's motorcade took a circuitous route back to Mar-A-Lago after he spent Saturday morning at his golf course, avoiding Tax Day protesters headed toward his Palm Beach estate. Tax March supporters are using the upcoming tax filing deadline to urge Trump to "commit to a fair tax system for the American people". By noon, most of the anti-Trump protesters emptied onto Allston Way bordering the park.

Business San Bernardino school shooting: Student killed had survived heart surgery
Author: 0 San Bernardino school shooting: Student killed had survived heart surgery

A candlelight vigil will be held at North Park at 7 p.m. today. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu). Crisis counselors were also available for anyone needing them at another nearby school. One of her friends was hit, she added, pointing to her abdomen. Jeffrey said students got out of their chairs and ran outside with their teacher when they heard gunshots.