Michael Cohen to testify publicly before Congress in February


"The committee will announce additional information in the coming weeks". He is due to start his three-year sentence on March 6.

"We will not interfere with the Mueller investigation", the Maryland Democrat said Friday. Trump has denied directing Cohen to pay women who alleged affairs with Trump.

The sentence came as part of a plea deal Cohen reached with USA attorneys and the Special Counsel's office.

After the announcement, Trump told reporters, "I'm not anxious about it at all" during a tour of the USA border with Mexico in McAllen, Texas.

"I'm not anxious about it at all", he said. Those payments were at the center of Cohen's plea to federal campaign finance charges a year ago. Trump has denied affairs with the women. He has also contended that the deals were private and unrelated to the campaign, insisting that if anything illegal occurred, it was Cohen's responsibility.

Cohen has pleaded guilty in both investigations and was sentenced last month to three years in prison.

The president, "knows the truth", Cohen said. "I think the American people just voted for transparency and integrity in our hearings". The man doesn't tell the truth.

Cohen cooperated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation after his August guilty plea.

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The public release of a redacted transcript of Cohen's previous closed-door testimony to the House Intelligence Committee in its own Russian Federation investigation is expected to be released soon, along with the testimony of dozens of other witnesses in that probe. He referred to his work for US President Donald Trump, including his knowledge of talks during the 2016 presidential campaign about the Trump Tower project in Moscow, Russia. Based on the description in the court documents, Individual 1 appears to be President Trump.

It's unclear whether Cohen's testimony contains evidence that could lead to the impeachment of the USA president, but given the fact that Trump's casually-tweeted comments (such as criticisms of the Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell) have been correlated with major turbulence in the stock markets, the last thing the economy needs at the moment is another wild card.

Cummings, a Maryland Democrat, said Cohen's appearance is "voluntary" and that the committee, newly controlled by Democrats, will be careful not to undermine the continuing Russian Federation investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

"There will be limitations", Cummings said.

"It seems to me if he comes in there, we should be able to ask him about whatever we want to ask him about", Jordan said Friday.

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former personal lawyer, will testify publicly before the House Oversight Committee on February 7.

"Mr. Cohen has expressed an interest in telling his personal story in open session, and we welcome his testimony before the Committee on Oversight and Reform", said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), head of the House Intelligence Committee.

"I'm hoping that Mr. Cohen will come before the Congress, where he can tell the American public exactly what he has been saying to Mueller and others, without interfering with the Mueller investigation", Cummings said.