White Sox add another Manny Machado friend


The Manny Machado sweepstakes are nearing its official conclusion.

While things might be looking good for the White Sox at the moment, the Phillies could be the difference-maker here if only because they seem to be the only team that could significantly outbid the White Sox.

For the Yankees to truly be out on Machado at this point, he'd have to have offers in hand from the White Sox and Phillies that he knows he would be comfortable accepting, and also he'd have to know that the Yankees definitely will not be approaching those offers.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has remained coy on the subject Machado and has even said New York's intent is to have a starting infield consisting of Luke Voit at first, Gleyber Torres at second, Tulowitzki at short, and Miguel Andujar at third. Both teams with money to spend and ready to compete right now.

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As the offseason continues for the Philadelphia Phillies, all of the main focus for the team this weekend will be on the meeting that is finally taking place with outfielder Bryce Harper. Ultimately, it is Middleton who must decide, at least on the Phillies' end, between Machado and Harper.

The Yankees, who Manny Machado reportedly favors, have been quietly having a decent offseason. While the Yankees did sign Troy Tulowitzki for the league minimum, this does not rule them out on Machado.

That is a unsafe game for Machado and his agent, Dan Lozano, to play, because Boras is going to attack the Phillies' contingent of decision makers with fastballs that will make a solid case for his client.

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