Samsung Family Hub refrigerators get extra smarts for 2019


And, Bixby will continue to grow as more partners, such as Google, join the ecosystem.

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Who's up for a first generation foldable smartphone? And with the Family Hub, which offers the simplified connectivity they've grown accustomed to, families can spend more time focusing on the things that matter most to them.

At their conference at CES 2019, Samsung pushed connectivity across all products, using their own home brand voice-assistant and AI technology in your vehicle so you can enjoy a "connected auto experience" with its new Digital Cockpit 2019 and Bixby. Now, the 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 will probably be the only variant of the Galaxy S10 that will not launch at that time, as rumors are claiming that Samsung is planning to wait a bit with this launch, so we don't know exactly when will it arrive, but it's possible it will come in March or April.

Samsung's AI will also make navigating all these new options easier: Universal Guide uses AI to provide better recommendations based on the user's subscription services and TV habits.

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The screen features a new Family Board function, which can be personalised for different family members.

Bixby started as a smarter way to use your Galaxy phone. Users can ask Bixby for their Morning Brief, the weather, or top news. Imagine, now users can search for a plane ticket through Expedia, call an Uber and pre-set the oven temperature just by talking to the Family Hub. With the integration of SmartThings, owners can now see and control hundreds of Samsung and third-party smart home devices right from the refrigerator screen and by voice with Bixby. The hype will be crazier than ever, while we'll also see the largest display we've ever seen in the S series before, but without much increase to the overall size of the phone.

View inside mode is back, which shows the interior of the refrigerator without having to open the door, and you can tag expiration dates for reminders on what to add to your next shopping list.

In another episode of CES 2019, Samsung Electronics has announced on their new vision - Connected Living. At booth 15006 Central Hall at the LVCC.

Todays growing families and new homebuyers bring a new outlook towards technology and how it fits their day to day lives. Especially these new Samsung home appliances that have a whole bunch of technology integrated into them.