Trump threatens to yank funds for California wildfire recovery


"Our climate is changing - we have to change with it".

Moreover, Trump's own agencies are responsible for managing much of the woodland in the state.

You know, like Forrest Gump.

But in the latest example of the President's Twitter misspellings, "forest" became "forrest" and soon enough, "forrest Trump". It does not, however, correct any of the lying.

FEMA could not immediately comment because of the government shutdown.

The California governor joined those of OR and Washington in asking the White House for more federal funding and assistance with forest management.

It's unclear from the tweet if Trump had already cut off funds or was only threatening to do so.

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Pelosi slammed Trump's latest threat, tweeting that it "insults the memory of scores of Americans who perished in wildfires past year".

Trump has threatened to pull federal funding before such as in November when he said "gross mismanagement" by California for a series of deadly wildfires, including one that destroyed the town of Paradise. Trump toured the fire devastation with Newsom. FEMA has already spent at least $444 million in response to the 2018 wildfires in California, according to figures released by FEMA in December.

Trump's charge that California has failed to properly manage its forests is inaccurate, Fugate added.

This isn't the first time the US President has lashed out at California for its handling of the destructive wildfires.

But the reality is that the federal government manages more land in California than the state.

"FEMA is actively contacting California Wildfire survivors to determine their housing needs and working diligently to identify additional short-term and long-term housing options", a message on FEMA's homepage said hours after Trump posted his tweet. Current law states that where there is a disaster declaration, the president can not "delay or impede the rapid deployment, use, and distribution of critical resources to victims of an emergency". It says a lot about Trump's focus on the subject that he bothered to make a correction.

Insurance claims from the recent spate of California wildfires have topped $9 billion and are expected to grow, the state insurance commissioner reported last month. Studies have shown that when the president and governor belong to the same party, a disaster declaration request is more likely to be granted.