Kevin Hart emphatically says he won't host the Oscars


Quite how it'll work remains to be seen - the last time there was no main host, the result was a show that saw Rob Lowe singing with Snow White, a memorably bad example of the format. "There's no more conversation about it".

'I'm done with it, I am over it'.

Some on social media took offense with DeGeneres supporting Hart and the interview.

'I have explained how I evolved.

"I feel like if you're not homophobic anymore, you shouldn't mind apologizing for your past homophobia again", one Twitter user wrote.

"I'm not giving no more explanation of who I am", he added.

He went on to explain why he sent those tweets, which have since been deleted.

I just learned that in the aftermath of that ceremony, 17 Hollywood mainstays including Julie Andrews, Paul Newman, and Billy Wilder wrote an open letter to the producer of the awards calling it an "embarrassment to...the entire motion picture industry". I shouldn't have to prove who I am, I shouldn't have to prove the levels of love that I am capable of giving. "If anybody out there wants to believe that Kevin Hart is that much of a monster that he wouldn't love somebody due to their choice in life then all power to them". I'm riding with you guys.

Hmm, it's not a stretch to think that the Academy might invite Hart back in the future - the buzz surrounding it would surely draw in viewership, but then again it could absolutely distract from the night, too. You're not going to hear me say anything else about it.

"If you didn't [hear the apology], I don't know what you're looking for", Hart said.

'I like to call myself a perfectionist. If it's accepted, great. "The moment came and it was a blessing and I was excited at the opportunity and I still am".

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Ellen DeGeneres, who was recently named the most admired LGBT+ person in the U.S., invited him on her show last week to convince him and the rest of America that he should fulfil his dream of hosting the Oscars. So he dropped out, leaving the Academy without a host less than three months before the big ceremony.

He said the Oscars gave him an ultimatum; apologize or give up the gig.

Later that day, Hart quit ― and apologized for the homophobic tweets. She said she'd called the Academy and been told they'd love to have him back, adding that to not take the job would let "the haters win".

Then last week, he spoke to Ellen DeGeneres in his first interview since stepping down, and she asked him to reconsider hosting the awards show.

"I will say this, and I want to make this very clear".

Hart wants to clarify his message that he is now an ally with the LGBTQ community.

Hart later came to her defense, saying: 'When did we get to the point where we forgot that we all learn, then we all have the ability to grow and with that growth comes a wealth of knowledge.

"If the fight from the LGBTQ community is equality, that's the fight".

On Monday, Jan. 7, Hart went on his Sirius XM radio show to address the overall controversy.

"The Oscars are poised to embark on one of the most radical reinventions in the awards show's long history", reports Variety.

Among the possibilities organizers were pondering was to go "SNL-style" with a rotation of presenters.