Chrissy Metz Denies Making Alison Brie Slur on Globes Red Carpet


During Sunday's Golden Globes Facebook live feed, the "This Is Us" star, 38, was asked to introduce the stream's next guest, Alison Brie.

For the 2019 Golden Globes, Alison Brie traded in her '80s curls for swept-up loose waves.

The camera panned to Brie and that's when many fans say they heard Metz say, "she's such a b--h" but others said the words were not easily distinguishable.

According to Vanity Fair, their Golden Globes reporter Nicole Sperling mentioned the incident to Brie. "But why?", the GLOW nominee wondered. "I know you. It's just a rumour", she allegedly replied.

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From announcing the wrong victor (looking at you Warren Beatty) at the Oscars to making insensitive jokes at the Golden Globes (ahem, Ricky Gervais), there are always moments at every award show that make us cringe. She wrote that she adores Brie and would never say a bad word about her. After hearing about the rumor during the ceremony also, Metz tweeted a denial in response to an "Us Weekly" article that has since been removed.

As many pointed out, she could just as easily have been calling Brie a "babe", a "big star" or any other number of compliments. "When I was walking up they said, 'Do you know Alison, ' and I said, 'Oh boy, do I.' I love her".

Brie, who arrived with husband Dave Franco, appeared not to have heard what Metz said. "I love Alison, I follow her", Metz shared. So I'm glad that ... "'I know her. I saw her on the carpet and I told her how lovely she looked'". "It's actually not me speaking about that, so it's unfortunate".

Sitting at her seat inside the ballroom, Metz was scrolling through Twitter when she read the news about the alleged comment.