A Brief Influencer History Of Fiji Water


The compelling FIJI water ambassador has been identified as LA based model Kelleth Cuthbert.

While the rest of us got a good laugh at "Fiji water woman" Kelleth Cuthbert and her Golden Globes photobombing, one person who hasn't seen the amusing side is Jamie Lee Curtis. Specifically, as it was reported by CNET.com, Cuthbert quickly made a name for herself on the Internet for photobombing several celebrity photos during the evening.

As with any red carpet, photographers were there to capture all of the handsome celebrities and their fabulous outfits - and this particular brand ambassador went viral when she started turning up in the background of tons of red carpet photos.

"Well, you have to understand the layout of the red carpet".

She also has a favorite meme of the ones she's appeared in. Marketing has reached out to Fiji Water for comment. Why is she serving water on the red carpet? "They all work so hard", she said.

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#FijiWaterGirl It's a shame they had some awards ceremony interrupting the Fiji Water Girl show! "Fiji Water Girl" is this year's awards season meme sensation. Cuthbert, however, was unaware of her social media fame until hours later, though. "It doesn't matter where you stand, you're in the crossfire of every shot", she exolaied.

"The Golden Globes red carpet is full of celebrities, but there's only one true star in our eyes", he writes.

People watching the pre-awards coverage exploded on Twitter at her knowing looks and what looked like expert photobombing. She ended up stealing the limelight from the likes of Jim Carrey, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle and a host of other stars.

Cuthbert told People that she wasn't actually trying to emerge into the spotlight, but her modelling instincts took over (mmhmm we don't believe it).

She's married to photographer Christopher Von Steinback. And from the instant rise to popularity, it's safe to say she killed her assignment. Follow Yahoo Lifestyle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We'll see! I think all of this stuff is very fleeting.