What does R Kelly think about Lifetime documentary?


Kelly is claiming the subjects in the documentary are making false allegations to become famous, and also claims he has two audio recordings that show Lifetime knew 'some of the girls are lying, but that the budget was too high to turn back now'.

The Tillets said 187 people gave donations that totaled almost $10,000 from January 3-7 - which coincided with the premiere of the series and subsequent re-airings. The page paints Kelly as someone "surviving lies".

A week later we are all still talking about R. Kelly's shocking docuseries Surviving R. Kelly aired on Lifetime. But watching Surviving R. Kelly will tarnish them for you.

Andrea Kelly started to reveal her experience with the singer before the Lifetime series.

Superstar rapper Common said he and the black community, as a whole, failed the alleged sexual assault survivors of R. Kelly by remaining silent.

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"I think because I had that soft spot for him, it allowed me to put up with way more than I should have", she continued. In the docuseries, McGee claims she met Kelly when she was 35, and that he treated her as if she was his personal sex slave.

Dream Hampton, the producer, author, and filmmaker who helmed the series, said to reporters from the Detroit Free Press that it was challenging to get celebrities and others to come forward in relation to R. Kelly's case because of his status in the scene.

The outlet reports investigators have reached out to a number of the accusers featured in the documentary, including Asante McGee and the family of Joycelyn Savage. It will not, however, make it impossible: Over the weekend, plays of Kelly's songs were reportedly up 16 percent on Spotify, because of the documentary. As the documentary's experts point out, people associate R. Kelly's music with memorable times in their own lives-graduations, parties, anniversaries-and they don't want to tarnish those memories with his deeds. I need some help in understanding.

"From listening to their stories, and listening to the methods survivors said he used on them, it's clear many felt scared to speak up". If you or someone you know are affected by the following story, you are not alone.

AFH TV's Video Music Box library includes video of 15-year-old Aaliyah addressing her relationship with R. Kelly. Last month, an advance screening of Surviving R. Kelly evacuated following threats of a shooting.