More donation bins removed across Lower Mainland following deaths


Meantime, Toronto is conducting a review of the steel boxes after the recent death of a woman who became trapped.

The woman could be heard shouting for help by witnesses in the city's Bloorcourt Village area in the early hours of this morning. Toronto Fire attended the scene in conjuncture with police and paramedics to attempt to aid the woman.

One woman said: "Someone could have just been trying to get some clothes or even trying to get warm". The woman's identity and age were not immediately available, and it wasn't clear why she tried to enter the bin.

Police say the woman appears to have died after a medical episode, so the exact cause of death is not yet known.

The openings of the bins are created to close after the donation has been placed inside the bin, but they can be deadly if someone positions themselves part way in the opening to reach in and grab clothes and the mechanism traps them.

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The rash of deaths has prompted the municipality of West Vancouver to seal clothing bins and investigate safer options for accepting donations.

In total, five deaths have been reported in British Columbia over the last four years.

Back in November 2018, a 32-year-old man was discovered in a similar position in Cambridge, Ontario.

The city has also asked that additional safety signs be posted, cautioning people when they put clothing into the bins.