Google Assistant Now Available on nearly a Billion Devices


However, you need to purchase or provide the voice assistant devices yourself, be it an Echo, Google Home, or other smart speakers. This app is part of the "Google Play" Android app bundle, so it's included in the box in pretty much every Android phone sold outside of China. How did Google beat Amazon to this number? The company said the number of smart devices that connect with Google Assistant increased more than 600 percent since a year ago. You see, Google Assistant is on virtually everything, and that momentum isn't stopping anytime soon.

As of this time previous year, the search giant had managed to bring the tool to a whopping 400 million devices - that's no small feat, even with Google's wide influence in mind.

In recapping how the Google Assistant "became more helpful in 2018", the company leads with an interesting prediction. Still, all of this shows how far Google's digital assistant has come in a short time.

So while Google and Apple have their assistants running on possibly billions of devices, Amazon is quickly picking up the pace with different hardware products using Alexa's capabilities.

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Smart Assistant speakers are going to rule the market in coming days and the recent report of device sales gives a great indication towards it. The company also showcased a smaller MicroLED panel at 75 inches, which would be a more practical and affordable setup for most homes.

The biggest makers of voice command-powered devices are jockeying for prominence at CES this week, with Google and Amazon both using eye-popping numbers to tour their scale to the world. The company is deploying Amazon's Alexa Everywhere strategy from 2017. The latter part is quite impressive since last year's "The Wall" TV was massive at 146-inches.

Google Assistant has come a long way over the past year, so the growth is kind of well-deserved.