People Express Disgust At R.Kelly’s Sexual Allegations


"I don't ever want to underestimate him", Hampton, a 48-year-old filmmaker from Detroit, said.

The first two parts of the Surviving R. Kelly docu-series aired on Thursday night on Lifetime (watch them here) which put focus on the controversial singer's abusive behavior spanning nearly two decades.

John Legend is one of the only major musicians involved in the docuseries made by Lifetime - he appears in the final episode which airs on Saturday. "And if he believed me, maybe I could've taken it to an adult".

The "All Of Me" singer has been praised for his participation, with Hampton calling him a "hero", a title which he rejects.

The allegations in the documentary have also sparked a debate over whether or not stations should still play R. Kelly's music on air.

In the documentary, women portray R Kelly as manipulative, violent and focused on young girls, allegedly demanding they call him "daddy".

"Kelly" producer Dream Hampton has described John Legend as a "hero" for agreeing to be interviewed for her documentary series investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against the R&B legend. "I'm thinking 'damn I don't wanna be the one guy I always am in documentaries fawning over someone I detest.' So make ZERO mistake on my positioning".

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Previous year in May, Spotify had removed R. Kelly's music due to their policy of not promoting artists who have committed "hateful conduct".

Since Cunningham's explosive revelation, Aaliyah's mother has come out swinging, vehemently denying the allegations against Kelly. During an interview on The Domenick Nati Show, Smith opened up about working with Kelly and revealed how the singer would manipulate young girls into doing what he wanted. I had papers forged for them. "Robert was very private with Aaliyah".

A subsequently unearthed marriage certificate listed his 15-year-old protegee's age as 18; her parents had it annulled the following year.

Oh, did we mention he said it from behind bars while sporting a prison jumpsuit? Sparkle feared the relationship was getting out of control once she found out her niece was going to his home and studio without her guardianship.

"We were out on the road with Aaliyah".

Kelly's alleged sex tape victim has still not been named, although the girl's best friend testified against Kelly in court in 2008, identifying him as the man in the video. "I knew it wasn't right even though I was six at the time".