Lawyer Reacts To McDonald's Straw Attack Drama & Says Employee Deserves GoFundMe Donations


A fight broke out between a female McDonald's employee and a male customer at a location in St. Petersburg, Fla., around 6:50 p.m. Monday night, WFLA reported.

A Florida man infuriated by his failure to find a plastic straw lunged at and grabbed a McDonald's worker.

St. Petersburg police said the video shows Daniel Taylor grabbing Yasmine James' shirt. James fights to get him to let go, landing several blows to his head, face and arms before another employee is able to separate the two.

Subsequently, Taylor was in fact arrested and booked on two counts of battery. Moreover, they are to be completely stopped in 2020.

A new Florida law had gone into effect where restaurants are no longer allowed to put plastic straws out in their lobbies.

The video sparked responses on Twitter with some demanding that McDonald's act on the issue. According to authorities, Taylor continued hurling profanities even after the incident was over and he had been asked to leave.

A representative of the St Petersburg Police Department told Yahoo Lifestyle that the security tape is not being released at this stage of the investigation.

Brenda Biandudi doesn't normally go to fast food chains, but it was New Year's Eve in the USA and she needed somewhere to use the bathroom and buy a drink.

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"He was very upset, he started berating her, swearing, saying 'There's no law like that, '" Biandudi told BuzzFeed News.

As soon as Biandudi began recording, the argument turned physical.

"I am going to sue him for putting his hands on me", she said.

On his way out, Taylor reportedly kicked another black female employee in the stomach. The video has in fact has received more than 1 million views after her son and daughter posted it on Facebook and Instagram.

The whole incident was caught on camera by Brenda Biandudi.

Meanwhile, Biandudi also took to her Facebook on January 2 to share that James was not fired by McDonald's.

"She had to do it, she was doing, you know she was, she's a petite girl and you know I just felt she did the right thing", said Biandudi.