Kentucky Health Officials: Don't Let Flu Ruin the Holidays


The overall effectiveness of last year's flu shot was estimated to be 40%, meaning vaccination reduced an individual's risk of seeking medical care by 40%, according to the CDC.

Pregnant women are at an increased risk for severe illness and complications if infected with the influenza virus.

"We can not claim that the 43% of vaccinated people is the reason for the mild flu season so far", said Richard Webby, a flu scientist and adviser to the World Health Organization on recommendations for the composition of flu vaccines. Most people can recover from the flu by staying home and resting.

Myth: Flu shots don't really work.

In 2008, New Jersey's Public Health Council issued a compulsory flu vaccination for all children before entering preschools and daycare centers.

While just 60 percent of New Jersey seniors surveyed without an undergraduate degree have gotten a flu shot, compared with 72 percent of those who graduated from college.

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Vaccinations are a significant achievement in the advancement of public health, aiding in diminishing the detrimental effects induced by harmful pathogens.

Evidently, some of the main reasons why they do not want to get vaccinated include concerns over the side effects or the actual efficacy of the flu vaccine, while others are merely not anxious that they will catch the flu.

Serious reactions to the flu vaccine are rare.

"Pneumonia is certainly one that can be very serious for adults", Borgen said. At a time of widespread fear and grief, few options existed for treatment or prevention of the flu. When that is not possible or the condition is urgent, but not life-threatening, people are urged to visit an urgent care facility or a walk-in clinic instead of the emergency department. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says five pediatric flu deaths have been reported nationwide this season.

Flu shots are recommended for all people six months and older. The child was not vaccinated for the current flu season. It may also eliminate the need to get a flu shot every year. Although children are the ones receiving the vaccinations, they themselves do not know what is being injected into their bodies, nor do they know what the vaccination can prevent or protect them from. Although flu vaccines are not flawless, they are the best way to prevent getting the flu. Thirty-eight states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico experienced minimal flu activity for the week ending December 1, while New York City and 10 states experienced low or moderate activity, according to Friday's weekly flu report from the CDC.