Epic tries to blow off some Steam with its Epic Games Store


The first tease for Fortnite Season 7 was released on Twitter at 3pm BST on Monday, December 3, followed by a second teaser at roughly 4pm on Tuesday. Contrary to other stores, Epic Games promises to give developers 88% of the revenues while keeping 12% for overhead. Today, Epic announced that it's launching a new Creative mode for Fortnite, giving players the ability to customize their own private island. But the company was quick to recognise the value of providing both DRM to other games companies, as well as an online portal through which they could be sold. There's a lobby too. Rather than appearing as a Limited-Time Mode, Creative will become a third top-level option alongside Battle Royale and Save the World.

As if Fortnite wasn't taking up enough hours of your free time, Epic is set to introduce Fortnite Creative this week and with it turn players into game designers.

The Store will launch "soon", according to Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, who told Ars Technica that it will arrive with a "hand-curated set of games on PC and Mac" and additional games coming throughout 2019.

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You've still got a few more days to complete the Season 6 challenges before it ends on December 6.

Epic Games has announced Fortnite Creative, a "brand new way to experience the world of Fortnite".

People will have various sandboxes in Fortnite Creative, though there will be some memory limitations. Players will also be able to choose rulesets for their servers and much more. Epic claims it will take a 12% share across the board, regardless of whether a developer uses Unreal Engine 4 or not. Creators like YouTubers and Twitch streamers will be able to refer players to buy games on the store, where creators can earn money. It will also be interesting to see if the company borrows from the community's ideas-or perhaps even copies them outright-in more official Fortnite modes. It's a major step away from Fortnite just being that game where a hundred idiots shoot each other until there's only one standing, and could help cement the game's top dog position for years to come.