7-year-old YouTube star earns US$22m from toy reviews


This year's highest-paid YouTube star is just seven years old, making millions off of videos showing him opening boxes and playing with toys.

According to Forbes, US primary school student Ryan made a whopping $29.8 million this financial year, simply by reviewing toys on his YouTube channel Ryan Toys Review.

Ryan's parents set up the channel in March 2015, its videos, since the day of launching, have had nearly 26 billion views and amassed 17.3 million followers.

While most kids Ryan's age would be playing with toys and legos, his parents saw a potential and launched a YouTube channel featuring the young star.

The video has more than 935 million views right now, where Ryan opens a giant egg filled with Pixar "Cars" toys. A video he posted Monday of him driving a new Lightning McQueen Disney vehicle was approaching 1 million views by Tuesday.

The estimate by Forbes magazine found that Ryan of Ryan ToysReview pipped Jake Paul by $US500,000 for the 12 months to June. According to Forbes, the boy made a revenue of over $22 million in 2018 with his videos on YouTube. The smaller portion of Ryan's income came from sponsored posts.

Ryan's family including his mother also feature in his videos. Pic YouTube  RyanToysReview
Image Ryan's family including his mother also feature in his videos. Pic YouTube RyanToysReview

"I'm entertaining, and I'm amusing", he told NBC recently.

A video titled "Top 10 Science Experiments you can do at home for kids" starring the three children has had more than 26 million views.

The rest of the YouTubers in the top 10 were Markiplier, Evan Fong, Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie and controversial YouTuber Logan Paul, who has been in trouble for his videos in the past.

Ryan's parents are reportedly putting 15 percent of his earnings away into a bank account until he is a legal adult. Makeup artist Jeffree Star, who earned $18 million over the one-year period analyzed, was fifth on the list.

The third biggest earner on Forbes' list was sports entertainment group Dude Perfect, which made $20 million.

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