Holy cow! Australian steer weighs more than a ton, stands 6'3


The internet literally had a cow yesterday when news of a giant steer in Australia spread across the interwebs like a fire set by a cow kicking over a lantern.

This steer's name is Knickers, and he stands 6-foot-3 and weighs about a ton and a half - overall much bigger than the rest of the herd. Despite other members of Knickers's herd being sent to the slaughterhouse, Pearson said he chose to let Knickers stay on the feedlot as "he's not hurting anyone".

The farmer said he let Knickers live throughout the years because of his size but eventually realized, "he wasn't stopping growing", BBC News reported.

He will now live out the rest of his life on Lake Preston feedlot in Myalup, 136km south of Perth.

"We never thought he would turn into a big knickers". But he's very placid, not aggressive, just inquisitive'.

Mr Pearson said: "He's our favourite and one of our best assets, he's part of the furniture now".

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Pearson told Network Ten Knickers "has had a hell of a time" with his sudden popularity but became agitated one day from too many people taking his picture.

"We always got comments from anyone who saw him but he's rapidly becoming a local celebrity now".

Owner Geoff Pearson said that Knickers' sheer size saved him from the abattoir.

Knickers looms above the thousands of other cattle that he feeds with in rural Western Australia.

His unusual name comes from his pairing with a long-departed Brahman steer named Bra - giving the farm a "full set of underwear".

Knickers might have a case to be eventually declared Australia's biggest steer, but he's a relative small fry compared to Bellino, a Chianina ox in Italy that stands 6 feet, 7 inches, according to Guinness World Records.