Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Wins Re-Election in Mississippi Runoff Election


The same progressive blogger who published the video of her using the phrase "public hanging" later published one in which Hyde-Smith told a small group at Mississippi State University that suppressing the votes of students at other colleges was "a great thing".

"It's a huge significance, because if you look at Republican women across the nation and in our state we're not having the same gains in electing women as our colleagues in the Democratic party are", said state Sen.

Hyde-Smith is a former state agriculture and commerce commissioner who was appointed in April by the state's governor after the sudden retirement of Republican Senator Thad Cochran for health reasons.

Multiple sources, including the Associated Press, have called the race in favor of Hyde-Smith.

Her victory means Republicans will hold a 53-47 majority in the new U.S. Senate that convenes in January.

Hyde-Smith and Espy faced off in the runoff after earning the most votes in the special election nonpartisan "jungle primary", which goes to a runoff when no candidate earns a majority of the votes. Hyde-Smith made some serious errors, but do they outweigh those of Espy?

This didn't sit well with Hyde-Smith, who "strongly objected" to the ceremony and asked that state law change to provide "clear and straightforward definitions about what activities can take place on the property owned by the State of MS".

Sally Doty, R-Brookhaven, who has held Hyde-Smith's old seat since 2011.

BREAKING: Republicans Win Mississippi Senate Race Despite Media Blitz, Report Says
BREAKING: Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Wins Re-Election in Mississippi Runoff Election

The rhetorical gaffe that got the most attention was an off-hand comment about being willing to sit in the front row of a hanging that Hyde-Smith made a couple weeks ago.

Hyde-Smith defeated Espy by a comfortable margin Tuesday night, slamming the door on national speculation about whether the deeply Republican state would elect a Democrat to the U.S. Senate for the first time since the rise of the modern GOP. And southern Democrats will continue to feel some frustration at their three strong but ultimately unsuccessful performances behind the historic statewide candidacies of African-Americans Espy, Stacey Abrams (Georgia gubernatorial nominee) and Andrew Gillum (Florida gubernatorial nominee).

In photos posted to her Facebook account in 2014, Hyde-Smith was pictured posing with Confederate artifacts during a visit to Beauvoir, the home and library of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

The president also sent a clear message to the people in the caravans who still believe they might make it into the United States.

In the final weeks of the runoff, Ms Hyde-Smith's campaign said the remark about making voting hard was a joke.

The "public hanging" comment also resonated with his supporters. The top two contenders, Hyde-Smith and Espy, went into the run-off election both with dark clouds hanging over their heads.

As it stands now, major American corporations and brands including Walmart, Major League Baseball, Google and AT&T have all demanded that Hyde-Smith return their donations to her campaign.

Cindy Hyde-Smith speaks to media after after winning the Senate runoff election against Mike Espy Tuesday, November 27, 2018.

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