Donald Trump vs Jim Acosta


A federal judge will hold a hearing on Wednesday on CNN's lawsuit against Donald Trump's administration alleging the White House violated correspondent Jim Acosta's constitutional rights by revoking his press credentials following a heated exchange with the USA president.

In a statement ABC News said: "We stand with CNN in believing that Jim Acosta should have his White House pass reinstated".

"No journalist has a First Amendment right to enter the White House and the President need not survive First Amendment scrutiny whenever he exercises his discretion to deny an individual journalist one of the many hundreds of passes granting on-demand access to the White House complex", the motion stated.

The dispute over Acosta's press pass came after a combative exchange between Acosta and President Donald Trump at a press conference last week.

The American network said its correspondent Jim Acosta's removal was a violation of his First Amendment rights to freely report on the government.

In its statement on Tuesday, CNN said that being barred from the White House could have "happened to anyone" and if left unchallenged it would "create a risky chilling effect for any journalist who covers our elected officials". The court hasn't ruled yet. "This was not the first time this reporter has inappropriately refused to yield to other reporters", Sanders said in a statement.

On Tuesday, the White House again re-cast its argument for stripping Acosta of his press pass, charging him with holding hostage a White House microphone. "We can't have the White House tossing people out because they don't like what they are saying or what they are reporting".

Many individual journalists who attended the press conference shared personal accounts and spoke out in his defense after Acosta's credentials were revoked.

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Burt Neuborne, a New York University professor, was on "CNN Tonight" explaining the situation between the president and Acosta when Lemon revealed his grand theory that the White House staged the incident. "'I really think that when you have guys like Acosta, I think they're bad for the country".

"Whether the news of the day concerns national security, the economy, or the environment, reporters covering the White House must remain free to ask questions", the media groups said in a joint statement.

On Wednesday morning, Fox News announced that they will be filing an amicus brief on behalf of Acosta and CNN. The federal judge scheduled it on an accelerated basis for something that - it's a temporary restraining order, but it is essentially, it could be the whole case. CNN's lawsuit has been backed up by the Whitehouse Correspondent's Association and all the major U.S. networks.

Previously, the White House Correspondents' Association - which represents the press corps at the presidential residence - urged the administration to reverse "this weak and misguided action".

The right-wing Fox News has been much more favorable to Donald Trump's presidency than CNN-where hosts like Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo have been persistent Trump critics-or the liberal-leaning MSNBC.

Free speech activists said the case was important and that public officials should not be able to bar access to journalists if they dislike news coverage. "He can not do that under the First Amendment".

Tense times in the press conference.