Drift Smoke from Butte County Fire Enters Contra Costa County


Cal Fire officials warned that the blaze could enter the city of Chico, a college town of about 93,000 about six miles from Paradise. We had access problems trying to get to the fire because of its location up in the mountains.

"Fire crews asking for buses to get them out", he reported.

"This is such a chaotic and hard situation", Honea said.

The Chico Fire Department said: "Firefighters continue to actively engage the fire in order to protect life and property".

The entire town of Paradise was under evacuation as several homes in the area became engulfed in the fire, Cal Fire Public Information Officer Scott McClean said at a press conference Thursday. The fire was 5% contained.

"It was like Dante's Inferno", said Paradise resident Eric, who was crying because he was unable to rescue his cat.

The blaze that started Thursday morning east of Paradise and decimated the town also spread to the west.

Numerous buildings have been destroyed in Paradise, Gaddie said. Three shelters have been set up, but officials said at least one is already full. My family is evacuated and safe.

Even firefighters lost their homes. Her mom's cellphone just rang and rang. "And just praying for a miracle, honestly", said Curtis, who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. "Did they get out?"

"I know there was a plan put in place".

This part of Butte County is no stranger to wildfires. There, in a matter of hours, the flames destroyed dozens of homes, a hospital and a gas station.

By 8 a.m. Thursday morning, Paradise resident Tanah Clunies-Ross said she could not see her auto from her front door through the cloud of smoke. The smoke was so thick, she said, it was like she was driving at night.

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"The town, it looks like a blast zone from some sort of explosion", Bass said.

Traffic jammed. It took two hours for Musgrave to traverse approximately 16 miles.

More than 40 patients were evacuated to other facilities. "It gave you a feeling that if something did go wrong, we had somebody to be miserable with", Musgrave said.

"This is our fourth evacuation in 10 years", Cole said.

"Had he not put out that fire, I would not have made it to the auto", she said. As she drove out, she encountered a neighbor, Patsy Jacobs, 62, trying to walk out.

In a video posted to Facebook by a resident, the blaze can be seen destroying everything in its path.

"This fire moved so fast and grew so fast a lot of people got caught by it".

"Imminent threat!" the department said in its warning.

But when she inspected it, Kowalczyke realized it was from a fire manual that includes information about fire hoses and the proper pressure. The fire was advancing so quickly that she immediately abandoned her auto to jump into a neighbor's truck. Palmer said. "There's only one way out".

A sheriff's spokesperson says about 27,000 people were told to flee from the town of Paradise.

This photo taken from video provided by CBS2/KCAL9 shows a wildfire burning in Camarillo, Calif., Thursday afternoon, November 8, 2018.