Blizzard denies that Diablo 4 was nearly announced at Blizzcon 2018


ORIGINAL STORY 9.20PM GMT 3RD NOVEMBER: Oh Blizzard, why close your opening ceremony with Diablo Immortal, the mobile game? Because, according to some, it looks like a re-skin of a game that exists in the name of Crusader Light, which is a game created by a game company called NeTEase. While the likes remain consistent, comments and dislikes appear to fluctuate. Are you a huge fan of the Diablo franchise, and if so, which was your favorite game to play?

"While we won't be ready to announce all of our projects, we do intend to share some Diablo-related news with you at the show".

Speaking with VG247, lead designer Wyatt Cheng talked about Diablo Immortal and the backlash the studio faced.

Diablo Immortal is releasing in 2019 and there's no plan to bring it on PC as we eagerly wait for more news about Diablo 4 to drop at some point next year.

In similar fashion, Benchmark analyst Mike Hickey wrote on Monday, he is now more cautious about Activision Blizzard's fiscal 2019 sales due to uncertainty about the performance of its mobile and advertising segments.

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Blizzard now has a PR battle going on now to get people to give Diablo: Immortal a chance. The game's cinematic and gameplay trailers were besieged with dislikes on YouTube, and the Diablo subreddit is awash with high-upvote posts calling Immortal "a slap in the face" and accusing Blizzard of being "out of touch with their fans". Diablo Immortal will also feature integration. For years, the game has been constantly updated with new content, and it remained free-to-play.

Instead, Blizzard attempted to temper fan expectations ahead of BlizzCon, writing that, "We now have multiple teams working on different Diablo projects and we can't wait to tell you all about them...when the time is right".

In a very level-headed, not at all out of proportion move, some have even started a petition to have Diablo Immortal cancelled, because if they aren't getting the game they want, no other new game in the series should exist.

"There are actually two distinct [Diablo] teams", Adham told Kotaku. So I don't think that the mixed comments are necessarily anything other than when a really passionate audience that desperately wants to see what they hope to see one day.