Trump sparks outrage with ‘racist’ immigration ad ahead of midterm elections


A video showing the menacing smile of an immigrant who murdered two USA police officers has abruptly taken a central role in President Donald Trump's closing midterm election argument about immigration - a move critics immediately denounced as a racist campaign tactic.

A knot of investigations. Senior leadership has also repeatedly cautioned against impeachment, warning that it would only deepen partisan squabbling in Congress.

In 2010, former President Barack Obama's first midterm election was a rout for the Democrats, who lost control of the House in a 63-seat drubbing.

It could mean a Democratic-controlled House yet Republican gains in the Senate - with both outcomes largely because of the president. The Democrats are likely to flip the House, as per several polls.

In an election fraught with controversy, the race for who will control both the House of Representatives and the Senate is close. There will likely be a slew of subpoenas and investigations into "corruption" in the Trump administration, his attempts to influence investigating agencies and questions on the role of the USA armed forces overseas.

Trump said Donnelly, a first-term senator, was ineffective and referred to him as "Sleepy Joe". He told the AP last month that he won't bear any responsibility should Democrats take over.

"This Tuesday I need the people of IN to send a message to Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and the radical Democrats by voting for Mike Braun", Trump said as the crowd erupted IN boos. "It could happen", he said, adding "don't worry about it".

They plan to launch an investigative blitz against the White House and Russian interests if they regain control of the House.

Plus, President Trump has embraced the referendum on himself in a way other presidents have not. That could give Democrats a degree of power they haven't wielded in years. Add to the mix the against-all-odds confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in spite of high-school sexual assault allegations from the credible Christine Blasey Ford, and you have a powerful voting bloc capable of - and widely expected to - overturn the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. First among them would be a potentially bitter leadership fight in the House to replace retiring Speaker Paul Ryan. But he's also insisted he won't accept any blame if the GOP loses ground on Tuesday.

"Clearly there's an bad lot on the line in terms of the legislative agenda", said Republican consultant Josh Holmes.

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This year, the pensioner is in favor and is the most wanted figure of the Democratic Party, in the absence of a natural leader.

Some in the White House think losing to Democrats might actually be preferable. The party would swagger towards the 2020 presidential election.

Will Trump in the end help or hurt his party?

The United States spends around twice as much on healthcare as other high-income countries and spiralling costs can deter those with and without health insurance from accessing it. Jon Tester, a Democrat.

Trump, for example, tweeted videos on Halloween. "And they'll erase America's border".

President Trump has tried to shore up his party's Achilles heel, tweeting that Republicans would do a better job at protecting Americans with preexisting conditions.

The fierce opposition to Trump could buoy Democrats in diverse, suburban and more highly educated areas that have been trending toward their party anyway.

"Democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our sovereignty, overrun our borders and destroy our nation in so many ways", Mr Trump said at a rally in Pensacola, Florida, that lasted about 80 minutes. "There's a chance to try and win them back over".

A president's party nearly always suffers losses in midterm elections, Christie noted, and any results that run counter to that trend would be to the "great credit of the president and what Republicans have done".