Samsung might remove Headphone jack from Galaxy S10


Samsung is also apparently testing firmware for the phone in the United States, which suggests it could be close to launch. This shows that it will be a global device. Even if such a fingerprint scanner doesn't cut it under the display, a fingerprint embedded right into the power button on the side could be an appropriate Plan B. We've already seen such an accommodation on the mid-range Galaxy A7.

The all the important things about the Galaxy F were out, it was out that it will have dual-sim support and also made the model number as well, for the US model number would be SM-F900U, for the Europe model number would be SM-F900F, and the last for Asia the model number would be SM-F900N. Thus, the Galaxy F series is expected to launch globally, and not be just a United States market exclusive.

The two medium-end smartphones will satisfy Chinese youths' needs in photography and social communication, and let young consumers explore, find and share more fun in their daily lives, according to Samsung.

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At least one variant of the Samsung Galaxy F will be dual-SIM, it is said. And I'm talking about a real foldable screen, not the kind of "foldable" displays we saw on the ZTE Axon M and similar handsets. Koh Dong-jin the chief from Samsung reported that by March or a month later, in 2019 the project is expected to be done, which means that the company will have 5G-capable phones. As for specifications, it will come with 512GB of internal storage, 7.3-inches primary display, and a 4.6-inches secondary display. Not to mention that a Samsung teaser for its SDC18 developer conference had a "V" morphing into an "I" that seemed to be a teaser for foldable devices. Similarly, Samsung Mobile's DJ Koh said in September that fans should expect a "very significant" redesign for the S10. The other possibility is that the Galaxy F is Samsung's rumored gaming phone, which is also in the works.

"Samsung will strive to expand sales of premium smartphones through differentiated design and a diversified lineup".