Chevrolet’s New COPO Drag Racer Is A 9-Second Electric Car


The Camaro features a new 800 V battery from General Motors capable of 700 hp and 600 pound-feet of torque. "The original COPO Camaro program was all about pushing the envelope, and this concept is an exploration with the very same spirit".

Drag racing usually involves clouds of burnt hydrocarbons in with the burning rubber, but Chevrolet's all-electric eCOPO Camaro Concept does away with that.

Chevrolet has turned its flagship muscle auto into a drag racer but has left the V8 on the shelf in favour of an electric motor with an 800-volt battery.

As for the battery, it comprises four 200-volt modules, two of which are located in the rear seat area and the others in the trunk. The electric motor is powered by a battery pack with four 175 pounds, 200-volt modules, spread throughout the auto for even weight distribution. While two are placed along rear half of the vehicle, the other 2 are placed along the trunk half.

Chevy unveiled the eCOPO Camaro concept at SEMA, the annual aftermarket trade show.

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Chevy's eCOPO Camaro Concept can run the quarter mile in the 9-second range; the auto was developed by GM and built in partnership with an electric drag racing team called Hancock and Lane Racing.

Powered installation from the 800-volt battery pack. Roll cage rearwards has been extended to protect the batteries from crash or accidents. This allows for optimum weight distribution for drag racing, the eCOPO Camaro offering rear-weight bias greater than 56 percent. The electric motor assembly are created to be fitted in place of conventional engine. That means it should work with "just about any" of the automaker's transmissions. They're as of now testing the present variant of the vehicle, yet they'll keep taking a shot at it and testing it on the drag strip to accomplish faster and faster elapsed times.

O'Blenes said, "The possibilities are intriguing and suggest a whole new world for racers". "We're not there yet, but it's something we're exploring", says O'Blenes.

Because the electric motor module can bolt in place of the gasoline engine, Chevrolet officials state that future plans could include electric crate motors that could power a race auto or street rod.