Suspected mail bomber seen smiling in court appearance


Sayoc was arrested Friday outside a South Florida auto parts store after investigators said they identified him through fingerprint and DNA evidence.

NBC reports that, according to authorities, Sayoc had a list of over 100 individuals who he had considered sending bombs to.

The bubble-wrapped manila envelopes, addressed to Democrats such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and intercepted from DE to California, held vital forensic evidence that investigators say they leveraged to arrest Sayoc four days after the investigation started.

Cesar Sayoc, 56, of Aventura, Florida, faces five federal charges and could receive up to 48 years in prison if convicted.

Sayoc was previously known to law enforcement officials and had been arrested almost a dozen times in Florida, including in 2002 for making a bomb threat.

Torres set a pretrial detention hearing and status conference on Sayoc's removal to NY for Friday.

Prosecutors said they would oppose any bond for Sayoc, calling him a danger to the community and a flight risk.

Suspected mail bomber Cesar Sayoc appeared in court today in Florida and was seen talking and smiling with his lawyers.

Authorities did not immediately say who might be responsible for sending the most recent package to CNN, but law enforcement officials have said they believe the packages were staggered and more could be discovered.

Sayoc, shackled at the wrists and ankles and wearing a tan jail jumpsuit, said little at the hearing but at one point teared up.

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One of Sayoc's attorneys, Daniel Aaronson, urged people not to rush to judgment based on media reports.

It's not yet clear whether the package in Atlanta is similar to more than a dozen that were intercepted last week - all of them using the address of Rep. "Though his views and political rhetoric seemed off-putting, people who knew him said he wasn't capable of violence".

None of the bombs exploded and no one was hurt.

CBS News confirmed that Cesar Sayoc had a list of more than 100 people to whom he meant to send packages. Inside the vehicle were soldering equipment, stamps, envelopes, paper, a printer and powder, the sources said.

In the hours before his arrest, as federal authorities zeroed in and secretly accumulated evidence, Cesar Sayoc was in his element: spinning classic and Top 40 hits in a nightclub where he'd found work as a DJ.

The bodybuilder had previously worked as a male dancer for several years and more recently as a pizza driver.

Court records show he had been arrested at least nine times, mostly in Florida, for accusations of grand theft, battery, fraud, drug possession, and probation violations.

In 2002, he was arrested after Miami police said he threatened to bomb a power company, saying "it would be worse than September 11th". His Twitter pages also showed he threatened other Hollywood stars, including Jim Carrey and Ron Howard, online. Lowy told CBN News Sayoc is a teenage boy trapped in a man's body, and a loner who looked to President Trump as a father figure.

FBI Director Chirstopher Wray would not say if there might be other potential suspects associated with the bomb-filled packages, citing the ongoing investigation.

Authorities say Sayoc filled his social media pages with anti-Democrat messages and posted what appears to be videos of himself at Trump rallies.