Brazils right-wing candidate poised to win presidential election


"There's a light at the end of the tunnel".

"I always felt the presence of God and the force of the Brazilian people", Bolsonaro said, speaking to supporters outside his home in Rio de Janeiro. In Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city, vehicle horns could be heard honking and crowds celebrated as the results came in.

But suggestions of "a coup, shutting down congress and summoning tanks" - all of which Bolsonaro advocated earlier in his career - are exaggerated, Jairo Nicolau, a political scientist at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, tells TIME.

Bolsonaro made his own final pitch on social media, the only place he has campaigned since an attacker stabbed him in the stomach at a rally last month, sending him to the hospital for three weeks.

Mr Bolsonaro has promised to clean up Brazilian politics, shrink the state and crack down on crime, but his vows to wipe political opponents off the map and remarks denigrating women, gays and racial minorities have shocked many.

Mauricio Santoro: No, I think it's just going to make things worse in Brazil, and we can look at the Philippines and we can see what's happening with President Rodrigo Duterte, who actually looks a lot like Bolsonaro; there's some kind of ideological [similarity]. Instead, his speech was a promise to resist.

Haddad said his supporters "have the responsibility to mount an opposition, putting national interests, the interests of the entire Brazilian people, above everything". According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Brazilian delegation was in Taiwan to learn more about local development and explore collaborative opportunities, reported Liberty Times.

He later added: "Don't be afraid".

Brazil was ruled by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's Workers' Party (PT) between 2003 and 2016, and a big reason for the election result lies in the way the Left has ceded ground.

Jair Bolsonaro's victory in the second round of presidential election voting on Sunday has moved Brazil sharply to the right after four elections won by the left-leaning Workers' Party.

Bolsonaro, if elected, could end relations with China and other countries from the BRICS, an acronym for the association of the five major emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Bolsonaro is an outspoken supporter of Brazil's brutal and repressive 1964-1985 military dictatorship, a period when hundreds of political opponents were murdered by the state and thousands more tortured. Until then, the iconic Workers' Party founder had been the clear leader in the polls.

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Bolsonaro, 63, will take office on January 1.

In a Datafolha poll also released late Saturday, Bolsonaro had 55 percent of voter backing, compared with 45 percent for Haddad.

Brazilian citizens who live in MA joined their fellow country-mates and headed to the polls Sunday to participate in the South American country's run-off presidential election.

One of the most important endorsements, particularly for young people, came from YouTube personality Felipe Neto, whose channel has almost 27 million followers. But 55 million Brazilians on Sunday showed less concern about Bolsonaro's message.

While French leftists say Mr Bolsonaro's election win is a body blow for democracy, the French far-right sees his win as a victory for nationalists all around the world.

"I was never alone". And scores of politicians and executives have been jailed in the Carwash corruption investigation that uncovered a multi-billion-dollar scheme to trade public contracts and official favours for bribes and kickbacks. "Using blunt attacks that are not new in Brazil, he is an authentic voice against a corrupt political class that has dug the country into a very deep hole".

Throughout the campaign, dozens of politically motivated acts of violence were registered by voters, journalist and politicians.

Many observers predicted that a newcomer would emerge to harness that anti-establishment anger.

Hundreds of thousands of women across Brazil marched against Bolsonaro, who is known for his disparaging remarks about women, on September 29.

Bolsonaro, who has run on fighting government corruption and cracking down on crime, and whose populist and often incendiary rhetoric has brought comparisons to Trump's presidential campaign, declared victory Sunday night.

Bolsonaro has run on a platform of "order and progress,"pledging to give police freedom to kill suspected criminals and also cut public debt by 20 percent".