Germany: Train station closed in Cologne after suspected hostage situation


Cologne train station has been cleared of passengers with local police reporting a hostage situation underway nearby.

He had first hurled a Molotov cocktail inside a McDonald's restaurant, injuring a teenage girl, then taken another woman hostage in an adjacent pharmacy.

The police spokeswoman said police were unaware of any shots having been fired.

Police refused to speculate whether the incident was terror related, said DW's David Martin. Breslauer Platz square that's located behind the station was also closed.

The Cologne police on Monday, 15 October said they have closed parts of the western German city's main train station because of a hostage situation.

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They said the ID likely was the suspect's, but police didn't divulge the name on it.

One of Germany's largest train stations was evacuated and locked down Monday after a man took a woman hostage inside a pharmacy at the transportation hub, police said. "We're doing everything to get the hostage out of there unharmed", police spokesman Christoph Gilles said initially.

German railroad operator Deutsche Bahn said that all train traffic was shut down. DW's Dana Regev reported that two shots had been fired inside the station. The suspect was "seriously injured", however it's unclear if he was in police custody.

The attacker had to be resuscitated and was in intensive care for "extremely serious" injuries sustained when officers stormed the shop, they added.