Man killed in Florida home by fallen tree during Hurricane Michael


The category four storm - the second-highest on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane intensity scale - made landfall near Mexico Beach in Florida and was just shy of a rare category five when it came ashore.

"We've begun search and rescue efforts".

The hurricane is forecast to hit the Florida Panhandle at a possible category 4 storm.

Hurricane Michael wreaked havoc in Florida on October 10.

The two people killed in the storm were a man who died when a tree toppled onto his house in Florida and a girl who died when debris fell into a home in Georgia, officials and local media said.

Although most homes were still standing, no property was left undamaged and downed power lines lay almost everywhere.

More than 370,000 people in Florida were ordered to evacuate, but officials reckon many ignored the warning. The core of Michael will move across eastern Georgia into central SC later Thursday.

"As you go east of Panama City, that's where that wall of water on the eastern side of the eye wall is", Sen. The winds lifted up the rectangular porch roof, then slammed it down to the floor. The roar of the winds, he said, sounded like a jet engine. Roads were virtually impassable and trees, satellite dishes and traffic lights lay in the streets. "Winds of this intensity can really knock down any tree or structure in its path".

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Michael strengthens into Category 4 | News

"Michael will steadily weaken as it crosses the south-eastern United States through Thursday night, becoming a tropical storm by Thursday morning".

Once they finally punched through Hurricane Michael's eyewall, Disharoon and the rest of the Hurricane Hunter crew were treated to a spectacular sight.

Louisiana was sending dozens of emergency personnel, along with boats, ambulances and other equipment to Florida to help with the response to Michael.

The St. Marks River overflows into the city of St. Marks, Fla., Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018.

Hurricane Michael's violence was visible in shattered Florida coastal towns, where rows of homes were ripped from foundations and roofs were peeled off schools by the near-record-force storm blamed for six deaths.

At the time, its maximum sustained wind speeds were measuring around 155 miles per hour, making it the strongest hurricane on record to directly hit that part of The Sunshine State.

The injured in Florida were taken to hospitals in Tallahassee, with some hurt after the storm by breaking tree limbs and falls, said Allison Castillo, director of emergency services at the city's Capital Regional Medical Centre.

Hurricane Michael sliced through the Florida Panhandle mid-Wednesday, hitting towns that had prepared for a Category 2 storm but found themselves in the cross hairs of a Category 4 hurricane instead. The National Hurricane Center says Hurricane Leslie and Tropical Storm Nadine are no threat to land over the open Atlantic Ocean, but Tropical Storm Sergio is expected to hit Mexico's Baja California Peninsula later this week and threaten the southern U.S. Plains and the Ozarks by the weekend.

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