Trump 'seriously' considering boosting US military in Poland


U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in the East Room at the White House on Tuesday.

Polish President Andrzej Duda told the Polish TV on Tuesday that US President Donald Trump can make a decision that would bring the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project to a halt. "I know that in Poland really like this idea, and this is what we think of", said trump.

"They respect force, they respect strength, as anyone does", he said, before touting increased US defense spending under his presidency.

"The decision is in the United States president's hands", Duda said when asked whether an opportunity existed to stop the implementation of the Russian project.

"The results of these efforts will contribute to the defense not only of Central and Eastern Europe, but also of the whole Alliance".

Security, trade and energy topped the agenda as President Trump welcomed Duda to the White House for the first time.

Duda offered to pay more than $2 billion for the permanent base, according to Trump, who cited it as a potential model for other "wealthy" nations that have asked for a USA military presence.

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For years, Poland has lobbied for larger numbers of USA troops in its country, where there are now several thousand American soldiers carrying out missions on a rotational basis.

"It's not just about a base". It's about training ranges, it's about maintenance facilities at the base, all these kinds of things, it's a host of details we've got to study alongside the Poles.

The Polish offer, first reported by local media in late May, was made by the Defence Ministry, which did not consult with the president or the foreign ministry before sending it to the US. Duda said the threat of absolute Russian domination in Europe, in terms of gas deliveries, was obvious. "I firmly believe that this is possible". "I think Russian Federation has acted aggressively".

When asked about the matter, Trump said that he was analyzing the possibility because he believed that Russian Federation has acted aggressively and Moscow respects force and strength.

"They respect force. They respect strength as anyone does. And we have the greatest strength in the world", he said.

"I told Mr. President about all the aspects connected with the permanent presence of the US armed forces in Poland", Duda said.