Amazon Smart Plug will add Alexa to any plug socket


Those potential devices include everything from a microwave oven to an in-car gadget to a subwoofer, and some will come with Amazon's voice assistant built-in.

Amazon is going to be offering its own Smart Plug, letting you add Alexa voice control to any plug socket. Garmin already partnered with Amazon to bring out an Alexa-enabled in-car speaker called the Garmin Speak, complete with a little OLED display for driving instructions.

Amazon is expected to reveal some of these devices at an event later this month, according to an internal document describing the plans.

Amazon is all set to introduce a range of Alexa-powered devices before the end of the year. While all devices will have the ability to be connected with Alexa, only some will have Alexa built in. And costing just $50 for its latest revision, it's an unrivaled entry point for Amazon's digital future.

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Alexa had initially started off as an experiment by Amazon but now has grown. CNBC suggests that the smart speaker market could be worth around $30 billion by 2024, and Amazon wants to be there.

An entire family of new Alexa-controlled products is apparently in the wings, including an amplifier, receiver and subwoofer.

Each one of these new products could open up fresh revenue streams for Amazon. Amazon's entry into the market could put it head-to-head with other smart appliance makers, such as Samsung and LG, so it should be interesting to see how it will fare against the competition. The company is also working on robots of some kind for the home, per Bloomberg. Sonos, for example, has a similar business model, as it said in its quarterly filing that it relies on "custom installers of home audio systems for a significant portion of our sale". But it looks like the e-commerce firm is planning to expand its hardware portfolio drastically with as many as eight devices if the latest report by CNBC holds some weight.

'There are now tens of thousands of developers across more than 150 countries building new devices using the Alexa Voice Service, and the number of Alexa-enabled devices has more than tripled in the previous year'.