Ryan Thomas walks away victor of CBB after Roxanne Pallett scandal


The 34-year-old actor had been accused by fellow housemate Pallett of hurting her by punching her, which many viewers defended as play-fighting.

She said: 'He said he sleep walked that night to my bed, I think that was intentional. then he saw the cameras and backed off!'

This season of Celebrity Big Brother has been marred by controversy - but despite the difficulties he faced in the house, last night Ryan Thomas walked away the victor.

Thomas was shown footage from the incident with Roxanne - calling her reaction "totally unexpected".

But none more than victor Ryan's "punch gate" with Roxanne Pallett caused more drama on the show.

Ryan was then shown a clip from Roxanne's interview on the same show from when she first left the house, which included a public apology to the former 'Coronation Street' actor and his loved ones.

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Ryan said: As it unravelled, as it became bigger and bigger, the thing that scared me the most was when Ben (Jardine) told me she couldn't stay in the room with me because she was scared.

He took a deep breath as he fought back the tears over seeing the emotional footage. The accusation left Thomas in tears in the Big Brother house. I've had stories told about me, so I know it's not nice. That house, when something like that happens, you can become very isolated.

Roxanne later said she "massively apologised" on TV, to which Lucy responded she didn't feel it was a genuine apology.

'I have no words, no words whatsoever, I don't know what to say... all day I've been acting like I'm all cool, didn't think about winning, ' he said. CBB makes headlines and sometimes for the wrong reasons. "I think she's been punished enough by the public".

And despite branding herself 'the most hated girl in Britain,' former Emmerdale actress Pallett is far from done with reality television. "I was just a class clown".

Former TOWIE star Lucy, meanwhile, wrote on her own Twitter: "Your victor Thank you all so much for supporting Ryan till the end".