Brainstorm Health: Coconut Oil, E-Cig Liquids, Glaxo Lung Drug


Interestingly, a video of her speech which was uploaded on YouTube has now received over 900,000 views.

Furthermore, the Prof lamented that the oil contained saturated fat content which can even be linked to LDL (bad) cholesterol, as she raised concerns about calories in the oil explaining that 1 tablespoon of coconut oil has as many as 117 calories.

Health organizations tend to discourage the use of coconut oil, which is more than 80% saturated fat.

The invasion of coconut oil began in the early 2000s after two research scientists at Columbia University have shown the benefits of medium chain fatty acids found in coconuts.

Kevin Klatt, a molecular nutrition researcher at Cornell University who is studying the metabolic effects of coconut oil, told the news outlet that coconut oil was "probably not quite as "bad" as butter but not as good as extra virgin olive oil". In comparison, beef drippings contain more than 60% of saturated fat. Coconut oil could also be confused with other coconut-based products.

Despite the advice, promotions from health food shops such as Holland and Barrett, and celebrity endorsements from Gwyneth Paltrow and others, have helped United Kingdom sales of coconut oil surge in recent years. The AHA claimed that it can contribute to higher risk of heart diseases as it is full of saturated fat.

Coconut oil is a commonly used component in the kitchen for preparing a meal, especially in Kerala.

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The AHA, which advises against the use of coconut oil, recommends eating no more than six percent of saturated fat as part of total daily calories for those who need lower cholesterol.

The popularity and marketing of coconut oil may have obscured some important information about the fat and the variety of different labels can be confusing.

In the U.S., coconut oil sales appear to have peaked in 2015 at $229 million, according to the market research firm Spins.

"There's been debate about the role of HDL", Dr. Willett said.

The American Heart Association also recommends that it is "better to enjoy the use of coconut oil on your skin than in your food".

"Coconut oil is about 86% saturated fat, about one-third more saturated fat than butter", said Victoria Taylor, a senior dietician at the British Heart Foundation.