Google could miss out on $50 million following Fortnite snub


Controversially, Epic Games has made a decision to ditch the Google Play Store as the main place to download the game.

We're now enrolled in Fortnite's Android beta, and we'll be sure to bring you our first impressions of the game once we receive the green light.

Samsung's Fortnite exclusive period has passed which means the game can be installed on supported devices.

In fact, Fortnite for the world's most popular operating system has gone into open beta recently and is now available for download to people who have signed up and got vetted for the early mobile release.

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Since launching in an invite-only beta on March 15, Epic Games has grossed more than $180M from Fortnite's iOS version.

The arrival of Fortnite on Android has not only been eagerly awaited, but also steeped in controversy.

Once you download the APK, the file must be moved to an Android smartphone for further installation.

If you're using one of the above-mentioned smartphones, then all you need to do is go to Fortnite's official website, select your smartphone from the dropdown, login or create your account to play Fortnite and wait for the Fortnite team to send you a download link for the game. This decision will cause Epic to lose potential revenue from players with older devices, but Sensor Tower does not expect it to impact the game's popularity enough "as to affect its revenue potential in the long run". Even though Epic claims it will be a "few days" until non-Samsung devices get their shot at Fortnite, waiting is annoying. The app still won't be available in the Google Play store when it does release. It's steering people away from fake and possibly risky apps that might try to cash in on the confusion of Fortnite not being in the one place you'd really expect it to be. The Android operating system allows users to download programs from third party services unlike the iOS, which restricts app downloads to the App Store only. From there, you'll be able to start playing.