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"That said, you'll never feel lonely in the company of the cats and you'll be expected to live with a small handful of cats in your house".

Destiny Johnson is a digital reporter at First Coast News who is very allergic to cats but would risk it and visit you if you landed this job because the island of Syros is singing a siren's song to her.

Have you always dreamed of escaping to an island with nothing but cats for company?

God's Little People Cat Rescue, located on the Greek island of Syros, is now seeking a mature cat lover to take over the daily operations of the sanctuary.

"Salary reflects the fact that you get the house for free (with everything paid)", she added.

The rescue centre described the job role on their Facebook page as, "A very special position and living circumstance on offer on a little Greek island called Syros (a small paradise no less!) for a mature and genuinely passionate cat lover who knows how to handle many cats and would love their company".

The position entails running the cat sanctuary and caring for the 55 furry friends that live there.

Additionally, the person will be be required to take ill cats to the vet so would need to be able to drive a manual vehicle.

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Joan added that the job is suitable for someone 45+ years of age, who's "responsible, reliable, honest, practically inclined - and really, with a heart of gold".

Water, electricity and veterinarian fees for the cats are all paid for.

The successful applicant will have about 55 cats in their care.

"Apart from feeding the cats the cats will also need heaps of love and attention".

You may have to deal with non-sociable or feral cats from time to time, according to God's Little People Cat Rescue.

The job demands a minimum six-month commitment beginning in November, as well as two weeks of unpaid volunteer work to learn the ropes in October.

Since posting the job offer, Bowell told The Telegraph that she's received about 3,000 applications, mostly from the U.S. and the UK.