How and Where to Preorder the Samsung Galaxy Note 9


It's now below the camera rather than next to it.

Samsung's latest pen-focused flagship Galaxy Note 9, which was launched a day earlier will be available in India on Flipkart, a latest teaser on the e-commerce site suggested on Friday. Samsung has been conservative on battery improvements ever since its Note 7 phone in 2016 developed a tendency to burst into flame, prompting an expensive recall and delivering a hit to the company's reputation. Since then, however, Samsung has implemented strenuous manufacturing safeguard for batteries, so all should be well.

The Korean firm's president of mobile communications DJ Koh said: "The Note has always been our showcase for premium technology and industry-defining innovation, and Galaxy Note 9 is no exception".

Surely the best feature of the Note 9 is its S Pen. For all this, the pen needs to only be charged for 40 seconds inside the phone to unlock up to 30 minutes of use. With a Bluetooth connection, you're able to press the S Pen's button to control apps, presentations, and even the camera from a short distance. In a jab at Apple, Samsung executives also frequently emphasize that their phones have standard headphone jacks, which newer iPhones no longer do.

Samsung said the Galaxy Home comes with the surround-sound system, and is capable of recognizing distant voices with its eight microphones. However, you don't have to pony up $1,000 for a Note 9 in order to play Fortnite. The camera will also alert you to any imperfections in your shot, like if it's too blurry or if someone blinked at the wrong time.

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The battery on the Note 9 though is a huge leap when compared to 3500mAh on the S9+, to 4000mAh. For instance, the Note got curved edges before that became standard on Samsung's flagship phones. To that end, it's built a thermal spreader heat sink that's three times larger than in the S9+ to cool down serious graphics loads, delivering 20 percent better cooling performance.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone yesterday, showing off the new and improved features of its next iteration of its Note line.

The updates have meant a price increase, however, with the 128GB Note 9 costing £899, while the 512GB device will cost £1,099 when it goes on sale on August 24.

There's a special offer available for consumers in the US who pre-order Galaxy Note9 between August 10 and August 23, 2018.