Video Shows New Angle On Brooklyn Nail Salon Fight As Protests Intensify


"They viciously attacked the grandmother and the granddaughter, beat them with sticks as if they were animals and threw acetone on them", said community activist Anthony Beckford.

- A botched $5 eyebrow job and refusal to pay were reportedly the reason behind a brawl that broke out inside a nail salon in Brooklyn Friday night. The black women and the nail salon employees start pushing and shoving each other, causing the scene to devolve into chaos as one manicurist picks up a chair and begins swinging it.

The woman who initially posted video of the incident also said a patron refused to pay the salon because she felt the employee did not do a good job, prompting the fight.

You can see two angles of the fight in the video below-one from the store's surveillance camera, and one taken by a bystander in the store at the time. The nail salon, however, claims that Thomas refused to pay for all of the services. "Share this cause the cops made a decision to arrest the black people but not the Chinese people who ganged up on them- hitting them like animals".

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Shortly after the workers were driven away, several protesters and cops shoved each other but there were no immediate arrests. Zheng was charged with assault and weapon possession and was later released following a hearing in Brooklyn Criminal Court, police said. Christina Thomas, who Zheng allegedly attacked with a broomstick, is also being charged with assault. She apparently punched and slapped someone, dragging them over the floor.

According to witnesses and cops, the nail salon workers used broomsticks, fists, and dustpans on the customers before a civilian intervened. They demanded that the charges against Thomas be dropped. [If the] police say you pay for the pedicure, then you pay for the pedicure. At least one protester screamed, "where is ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)?" implying that the salon's Asian employees might be undocumented immigrants.

Police had to escort the salon owners out of the business today as furious community members shouted around them. Many of them rallied outside the shop Monday to protest the violence.