Elon Musk Calls Diver Involved in Thai Rescue Efforts a ‘Pedo Guy’


Elon Musk gave nearly $40,000 to a political committee that benefits House Republicans but said he gives to both parties to "maintain dialogue".

Musk had earlier provoked condemnation after tweeting that the Thai rescue chief, who had declined the submarine prototype offer, was not really in charge of the operation.

Then, three days after the rescue operation was completed, CNN posted an interview with a British spelunker who had helped locate the boys. It was a consensus that although it was a fine submarine, it wasn't suitable for the job at hand, and by the time it arrived on the scene, it wasn't even necessary.

"He can stick his submarine where it hurts", Unsworth said.

Musk's final tweet in the thread referred to Unsworth as "pedo guy".

"Water level was actually very low & still (not flowing) - you could literally have swum to Cave 5 with no gear, which is obv how the kids got in", he said.

"I believe he's called me a pedophile", Unsworth said.

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One journalist, a senior correspondent for Vanity Fair, tweeted that he cancelled his Tesla order over Musk's donation. Musk has left himself in a legally actionable position with his statement.

On Sunday, when a Twitter user pointed out that Musk was "calling the guy who found the children a pedo", the billionaire responded: "Bet ya a signed dollar it's true".

Asked if he would consider taking legal action against Musk, he told reporters: "Yes, it's not finished".

An global team of cave-diving experts rescued the group of 12 teenage boys and their coach last week, after they had been stuck in the cave since June 23.

Another one of the divers who helped rescue the boys, Australian diver Craig Challen, told ABC.net.au that he didn't know if everyone would make it out alive.

Elon Musk is not taking criticism of his submersible that was designed with the hopes of saving the Thai schoolboy football team and their coach from a flooded cave. He then denied Unsworth's claim that Thai officials asked him to leave the cave site when he went there July 9, saying, "Thai navy seals escorted us in - total opposite of wanting us to leave". He hit back at his critics this week, saying the dive team had instructed him to keep working on the submarine.