#TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown: Teen leaves Twitter after she was depicted in homophobic memes


The meme's recent rise in popularity - after it started out with the hateful hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown - has been somewhat ironic, but in general, it has a deeply sinister tone.

The "Stranger Things" star has strangely become the target of a homophobic meme which has now led to the the actress to delete her Twitter account.

The hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown started a year ago, according to one Twitter user, when someone claimed in a tweet that the actress refused to take a picture with her unless she removed her hijab.

Some of the posts recently resurfaced this month, Pride Month, Nylon noted.

The reason behind the memes remains unclear, though several Twitter users have claimed they originated as an inside joke for LGBT tweeters.

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The subject of toxic fandom has been all over the news lately, as Brown isn't the first celebrity that has been driven off social media. Star Wars actor Kelly Marie Tran wiped her Instagram after fan harassment just a few weeks ago.

"Obviously not everyone sees the humor here, particularly thanks to the star being, um, an actual child who herself is clearly unamused by this NSFW fun at her expense". Others say the memes were meant as an inside joke for gay people only.

She has not commented publicly on this latest turn of events.

According to reports, the meme comes from a 2017 tweet, which gave a false account of the actor ripping off a fan's hijab.

"I want this account to share love and positivity", the account's Twitter bio reads.