India says it has contained Nipah virus


Symptoms of the virus were seen in a 20-year-old woman and a 75-year-old man in Mangalore after they travelled to neighbouring Kerala and came into contact with infected patients, Rajesh BV, a health official in Karnataka told the channel. The administration is hoping that the situation will be under control by the time schools reopen in a week.

A nurse, with two young children and a husband working overseas, scrawled the words "take care of our children" in blue pen as she lay dying in an Indian hospital isolation ward, sick with a rare and deadly virus. For Nipah virus computational drug repositioning, they would be using gene expression data from a published report that used endothelial cells treated with NiV that is reported by scientists in Malaysia and France and perform "computational drug repositioning" to find potential drugs that could be useful against NiV.

After reviewing the cases of all the patients who have lost their lives, the Central High-level Team is of the view that the Nipah virus disease is not a major outbreak and is only a local occurrence.

In India the disease was first reported in eastern West Bengal state in 2001.

"All steps to prevent the spread of the virus have been taken", she added, urging people not to destroy colonies of fruit bats.

An infected patient can fall into a coma within 48 hours.

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"Usually the infection is caught through direct contact with pigs, for example by pig farmers".

Treatment options are limited mostly to supportive care.

Infectious disease outbreaks can be a challenge in India, the world's second most populous country, where infection control and surveillance systems are weak, leading to hundreds of deaths annually from diseases such as mosquito-borne dengue. "And we want to make sure that it stays contained here", said R.L. Sarita, the director of health services in Kerala. The Kerala PSC decision will apply to all districts from the state. "They may start screening people travelling from Kerala to Gujarat at railway stations and airports if needed", Dahiya said.

Keep your surroundings and home clean and motivate other also.

Human-to-human transmission of the virus has been recorded in previous outbreaks in India that killed as many as 50 people.

The Bihar government issued Nipah virus alert on Saturday, asking people to take precautions, an official said.