Fortnite adds competitive Solo Showdown mode for limited time


For once, there won't be any toxicity to worry about in a game's competitive mode: Fortnite players can't speak to each other while they're in a solo game, and there's no teammates to yell at you if you don't win as a duo or squad.

As we've come to expect now with the release of new Fortnite updates (patch 4.2 in this case), community hackers and dataminers have now dug deep to reveal unannounced new features, skins and the like.

To some, this might seem like a stretch and wishful thinking but given that this folder has been found where the folders for all game modes are, it hints at the possibility of this title getting its first competitive mode. After that, Epic will tally the results for each players' first 50 Solo Showdown matches (you must play at least 50 to qualify and any match results after that won't affect your ranking).

Solo Showdown is available now and runs through May 21.

So, if you think you're a good Fortnite player, this is your chance to prove it and possibly earn some in-game cash for your effort. If you're placed 51 through 100, you'll get 7,500, which will normally set you back $60.

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Here's more from Epic Games, who confirm: "Unlike other LTMs, Solo Showdown will not change core gameplay of the current Solo mode".

"Top performers will be rewarded at the conclusion of this competition".

Fortnite publisher Epic Games says that player placements and performances 'will be specially tracked and determine rewards you receive at the end of the event'. Since Solo Showdown is all about finishing as high as possible, you might see people playing more conservatively, trying to last until the end of a match by hiding instead of rushing in to fights all guns blazing. The position of the players is also decided based on points gathered over 50 matches.

The goal of the adding the game mode is to provide a "stepping stone to learn how to build great events for all types of players".