Facebook rolls out Stories archive and voice posts, starting in India


There are three new Facebook features coming to India first, then the rest of the world. The changes will let you save your photos and videos directly to your account in the Facebook cloud, share voice messages with friends, and archive your favourite Facebook Stories, the report said. While anecdotal evidence suggests the feature may be slow to take off in the USA, the company can't afford to give up on Facebook Stories entirely.

Facebook will also allow voice posts, letting people "share in the moment" without having to share a photo or video. There is now no limit for a voice post that is shared to News Feed, but the recording time is restricted by the local storage on the user's device.

"From talking to people in India and around the world, we've heard that people spend a lot of time in making stories creative with things like stickers and text". Voice posts give people a new medium through which to express themselves. Facebook will now provide users with an option to turn out Stories Archive in their settings. This new feature will be present as a new mode in the Facebook Camera.

"It is common for people in India to share devices...people have told us they want to save their photos to a more personal space that is tied to their identity and not just the device they are using", said Connor Hayes, Director of Product Management, Facebook.

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Facebook Stories is adding a feature that lets you post audio clips. Facebook says this will be private to the user, through traditionally Stories disappear after 24 hours.

The next new feature is that images captured using the Facebook camera can now automatically be uploaded to the Facebook cloud. You can always choose to not save them. "You can still find it in your Stories Archive if you have Archive turned on", explains Hayes. Also, an option to let users manually save their Facebook Stories to their camera roll after sharing was already available. After that, your Stories will be available to access at any time. Specifically, it's adding an archive for Stories posts, so you can save the ones you like to a permanent gallery.

"After a photo disappears from a story, you can still re-view it, re-live it and re-share it", Hayes said. The feature is quite similar to Snapchat's where users can save their photos to the app and is visible only to them. Facebook will give users the option of also turning off the archive so that the Stories are not saved.