Apple replacing some iPhone X units plagued with Face ID issues


The front-facing camera also worked fine but not the FaceID.

For anyone experiencing an issue with their iPhone X, visit the company's support page - Contact Apple Support.

That may reflect the complexity of Apple's infrared face scanning system, the costliness of which is thought to be pushing Apple's lower-tier rivals to other innovative biometric authentication technologies, especially in-display fingerprint recognition. Luckily, it appears that the Face ID issue isn't all that widespread among iPhone X users, though if you are one of the folks affected by the bug, you should head over to the Apple Store or an authorized fix shop to get things checked out. Again, it's a complex system, and it's evidently one that can be repaired relatively easily, or not at all.

What's Next For The iPhone X?

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Earlier after the launch of the iPhone X, a Reddit user who has brought the phone has experienced this issue. The lenses differ on what they do. If these diagnostics don't fix the issue, Apple retail stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers can then issue a unit replacement. "If the issue is not resolved, perform a whole unit replacement instead of a same-unit display repairs", according to copy of the instructions obtained by MacRumours. "My front facing camera works fine but the rear is messed up, which leads me to that conclusion". It implies that Apple does not have any patch for rectifying this error even with its next iOS update.

The issues in the internal document have not been made public, and it is unclear whether Apple will issue a statement. If the tests find nothing with the camera, Apple workers are being instructed to give the iPhone X owner a new device. Maybe Apple should make up its mind. The trend would more likely continue in the second-quarter as well.

Following the iPhone X were the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus at the second and third place respectively. Strategy Analytics' claim complements Apple's statement made while announcing the latest financial results.