Google Assistant gets new features on Wear OS, including Actions support


Days ahead of its I/O developer conference, Google has provided an update about how far Assistant has come since debuting two years ago. The devices that it supports include security systems, dryers, lights, plugs, thermostats, fans, locks, sensors, doorbells, cameras, refrigerators, and many more.

Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana and Apple's Siri are competing to be the spoken-word answer to the smartphone touchscreen, the Windows Start Menu and the living room TV remote, with the potential to speak to users from their kitchen counters, auto dashboards, wristwatches and television sets.

Fighting back from the perception that Amazon Alexa has already won this market, Google announced today that its Google Assistant is now compatible with over 5,000 smart devices, up 1,500 from January. The company has been working on improving the experience for users with the aim of enabling them to control all of the devices and appliances in their home with just voice commands.

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The company also highlighted a few new brands that will soon work with Google Assistant. It'll also be even easier to control home entertainment using Logitech Harmony hub-based remotes with the Google Assistant. However, it seems like Amazon is still in the lead.

HDFC Securities is the first ever stock broking house that has rolled out virtual support through the widely popular smart home devices. So, while Google needs to catch up, it clearly offers a full catalogue that's continually expanding. Just yesterday, the company announced that it's opening a new investment program for early-stage startups to help in broadening Google Assistant's features. Google notes that is aimed at providing quick interactions, and similar to how Assistant works on phones with a carousel of suggestion chips at the bottom of every screen.